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Monday, August 3, 2009

Wilhelm Marr "The Patriarch of Antisemitism" was a "Jewish Renegade" says B'nai B'rith

The term "antisemitism" was coined by Wilhelm Marr in 1879. Marr's secular, political racism existed inconsistently alongside his religious anti-Semitism.

His self-proclaimed goal was "to free Christianity from the yoke of Judaism."

"Russia is the last defence against the Jews, and its surrender is only a matter of time. The elastic spirit of Jewish intrigue will crush Russia in a revolution, such as the world has never seen the like.

When it has overthrown Russia, it will have nothing to fear from any quarter; when it has seized in Russia all the offices of state as it has done with us, then the Jews will openly undertake the destruction of western civilization, and this "last hour" of condemned Europe will strike within a hundred or a hundred and fifty years at the latest, since the march of events moves more rapidly in our era than in preceding centuries."

Wilhelm Marr
Der Sieg des Judentums über das Christentum

Wilhelm Marr coined the word "anti-semitism" circa 1879 in the pamphlet from the which the above quote was extracted, assuming that it's an accurate quote (if it is, it's almost prophetic).

He was given the sobriquet "The Patriarch of Antisemitism" by Israeli historian Moshe Zimmermann in Zimmerman's 1980's biography of Marr.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith calls him an "anti-Jewish German journalist" who "helped push "the Jewish question" to the center of German politics."

Marr was also the founder of the League of Anti-Semites in Germany.

However, ALSO according to B'nai B'rith in their 1926 manual, he was a "Jewish renegade", sharing the same label thrown on Spinoza, Alfred M. Lilienthal all other manner of unmentioned Jewish unpersons:


At this time, a Hamburg journalist, Wilhelm Marr, issued a sensational pamphlet, "The Victory of Judaism over Germanism" (1879), calling for the defense of the "vanquished" against their "conquerors." It is through the writings of this Jewish renegade that the term anti-Semitism was coined, "expressing antagonism to the social and political equality of Jews."

The pamphlet of this otherwise obscure writer fell on fruitful soil. It harmonized with the raging national jingoism that had mounted skyhigh with the unification of Germany and that had aimed at the creation of a unified racial and religious body of German citizens.


Jewish Reference Book: B'nai B'rith Manual

Edited by Samuel S. Cohon
Cincinnati, Ohio
pp. 287-88


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