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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Ayn Rand Cult on the Issue of Palestine and Israel

The Palestinian Victims?
Monday, April 22, 2002
By: Robert Tracinski
From the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

When a whole society lionizes terrorists and accepts them as its leaders--what right do they have to complain when their wish for blood and death is granted?

As Israel pulls out of the West Bank--a foolish move that will only allow Palestinian terrorists to regroup--the media is being flooded with piteous tales about Palestinian victims, who, we are told, are innocent civilians.

But a glance at the stories coming out of the West Bank gives us a flavor for this "innocence."

The bulk of the current news stories are coming from Jenin, a major center of Palestinian terrorism where Israeli troops encountered the fiercest resistance. A typical story is from Khadra Samara, who is quoted in at least three separate newspaper accounts. She complains that her family was forced to flee when the Israelis bulldozed her home. Her instant response: "I was so furious, I felt like committing a suicide bombing against the Israelis."  more at this link

The Moral Case for Supporting Israel
by Yaron Brook

Since its founding in 1948 Israel has been under siege--courageously fending off hostile neighbors while defending itself against Arab terrorists. In a Mideast dominated by Arab monarchies, theocracies and dictatorships--Israel is a free country standing as the lone bastion of Western civilization in that region. Yet for decades Israel has faced growing international pressure--often led by the United States--to compromise with its enemies, and act against its self-interest. In this talk, Dr. Brook argues that the United States should unequivocally support Israel's effort at self-defense; that allowing Israel to rid itself of terrorist and foreign military threats is in America's best interests. Israel is our only true ally in the Mideast, and supporting it is the only moral thing for the United States to do. Source:  The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights 

Funny thing, supporting a religious state (Namely Israel.  Palestine is not a religious state) does not fit in with Rand's view on religion:

PLAYBOY: "Has no religion, in your estimation, ever offered anything of constructive value to human life?"

RAND: "Qua religion, no—in the sense of blind belief, belief unsupported by, or contrary to, the facts of reality and conclusions of reason. Faith, as such, is extremely detrimental to human life: it is the negation of reason."

["Playboy's Interview with Ayn Rand," Playboy, March 1964. ]

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