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Monday, October 26, 2009

The PNAC "Oil Pipelines to Israel" Project

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Suter's Back in Town - 9-11's Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter is Alive and Well and Living in New Jersey? (with updates)

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7 years after 9-11, Dominik Suter of "Dancing Israelis" fame, leader of the Israelis who were caught videotaping and celebrating the downing of the WTC, registers a business in the city of Nanuet, NY, in April 2008.  The business, "24/7 Anyday LLC", has an address in Nanuet's Rockland Center (click on image to enlarge).  Suter and his significant other, Ornit Levinson Suter, were on the FBI'S list of 9-11 terrorist suspects.  So where is the FBI when we need them?
Allow me to preface this by stating that I am not in any way a professional investigator, nor do I work for any police organization, the FBI or other alphabet agency like the NSA.  What is shown here is public information freely available to any idiot with a $20 a month subscription to a people search engine like  The only other tools needed are an internet connection and about 10-25 minutes of patience.  In other words, a smart 8 year old could have found this stuff out.   

The first place I found Suter's new business was in a people search which yielded the address and the name of the corporation, as seen in the search results above.  The next thing was to get the actual corporation documents, as seen at the top of the post.  This costs $5 thru the NY Secretary of State's office.  Get yours before some Mossad sayanim makes it dissapear. According to business records for the State of New York, Dominik Suter registered a business called 24/7 Anyday LLC on April 16, 2008  at 119 Rockland Center, Suite 176, in Nanuet, New York.  This address is located at UPS Center maildrop.  The pictures below are courtesy of the author of the following site - it was found that six internet spam companies operate from this same address.

 As published in an earlier post, Dominik Suter's significant other, Ornit Levinson Suter, has been buying real estate around Palm Beach, Florida.  I have a hard copy of the quit claim deed, which can be found online.    The quit claim deed on the 2008 Florida transaction shows Ornit's address in River Vale, NJ (sometimes spelled Rivervale - this was mistakenly spelled Riverdale in the original post - apologies).  River Vale is about a 30 minute drive from Nanuet, NY.  The 3 bedroom home in River Vale was sold in mid-2006 for close to 600K.  As of June of 2008, a web address,, was connected to the River Vale location.  It is a non-operating site as of 12/09.  

  "24 7" and the words "anyday" or "anytime" are commonly used for Israeli run front companies like locksmiths, carpet cleaners or moving companies.   24/7 Anyday in Nanuet has been listed in and as a carpet cleaning firm, and in and as a Locksmith.  The website listed in one of the directories, does not work as of today and is parked at GoDaddy:


 Call both of the above phone numbers and you get a weird recording - though now that this has been published, they'll probably have some katsa answering the phone to make it look normal.  On one call, I got a recording and a couple minutes later, a callback.  The callback number had an area code in Spring, Texas, which is a suburb of Houston.  Now I realize this is probably a cell phone and could be answered anywhere.  However, Houston has been an area with Mossad activity, as shown in the search results below: 
   Both Dominik and Ornit Suter have registered locksmith, carpet cleaning and moving companies through various states.  These are typical front operations for Israeli illegals to find work.  The infamous Urban Moving Systems was registered by Suter in New Jersey, and also operated under the name "Max Movers", according to New Jersey business registration documents.   In this video, at about 40 seconds in, you can see the front door of Urban Moving Systems in Weehauken, NJ, as seen below in a video still: 
  The sign on the door says 3-18th Street; Urban Moving Systems Inc.; Suburban Moving and Storage Inc.; Max Movers Inc.; and City Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Inc.   Except for the 1st listing, which is the address, these are all front companies founded by Suter.   Given the past history of this duo, are the companies they are setting up now just fronts?  Are they in place so some twenty-something Israeli on leave from the military can scam Americans for locksmith and moving jobs?  Or is something more ominous afoot?  And by the way, FBI.  Why aren't these two losers in Gitmo?   Related:  Fed gives grant to Urban Moving Systems

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sri Lanka's "Mossad Style" 9-11: Suspicious Videotaping, Twin Towers, Truck Bombs, and All That Jazz

Eerie coincidence: The twin towers of Colombo, Sri Lanka's World Trade Center (bottom right) loom just a few blocks from Colombo's Central Bank Building. The bank was the site of the January 31st, 1996 bomb blast, which killed at least 100 and wounded over 1400. There were local news reports that "two white men" were seen videotaping the bank building early in the a.m. and again later, after the explosion.   

On a round the world trip I took in 1995-96, I spent close to two months in India.  India was a mixed bag.  Overall, India did not suit me - I did not fall head over heels in love with the place.  I longed for tropical beaches and fresh air, at least air that wouldn't turn my skin gun-metal gray as the polluted air in India had.  So I bought a ticket to Sri Lanka.

My flight was scheduled to land a couple of days into February.  In Delhi, I passed a newspaper stand on the way to the travel agent.  I caught sight of a headline about an "Oklahoma City" sized bomb going off in Colombo, with hundreds feared dead.  No matter.  I was that weary of India.  I didn't change my plans.   The travel agent mentioned it to me.  I said, yes, I'd heard.  

When I arrived at Colombo International, I noticed busloads of European tourists leaving the airport for the local resorts.  The bomb hadn't scared them off their plans either.  Most of them were traveling to beachfront and posh hotels well removed from Colombo.  I didn't have a guidebook, so I headed, partly out of curiosity, to "ground zero".

I got a room at the YMCA and eventually made it out to the site of the bombing, which was only a few blocks away at Sri Lanka's Central Bank.   There was still a little smoke coming from the main bomb site.  A few crowds of onlookers stood, staring dumbfounded at the rubble, and at the massive hole in the pavement in front of the bank buildings (the main section of the bank consists of three buildings in a row, pictured here).  The hole looked like it was about 15 feet or more deep, and possibly large enough for an 18-wheeler to fit in.  

On the way over I had noticed broken glass from buildings several blocks away, office furniture in some having been shoved by the blast out the back windows.  Chairs and desks were hanging on ledges, poised to tip into the alleys below.  

The Intercontinental Hotel, a stone's throw from the bank buildings,  had all its windows on one side blown out and subsequently boarded up  The twin towers of Colombo's World Trade Center, looming nearby, had a few windows near the top busted out as well.  

I traveled onward to the nearby Hilton, in search of a local guidebook and something to eat.  The few days I was in Colombo, I got into the habit of reading the local English newspapers.  There was a small article in one of them.  

It stated that on January 31st, two "white men" were seen videotaping the Central Bank Buildings early in the morning, a short time before the bomb blast.  They were seen again, soon after the buildings were attacked, videotaping the area once more.  They left the area quickly.  The article went on to state that a crowd had formed, looking for the two suspects, but could not find them.

I figured something strange was up, but I was no expert on Sri Lankan politics.  The idea of chasing down a story in a somewhat chaotic, sweltering hot third world country didn't appeal to me, especially now, considering Colombo appeared to be in a state of siege.  Military vehicle checkpoints with armed soldiers had been set up around the city.

The closest relative to this event so far was the 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Building incident.  9-11 hadn't happened yet, and the Internet was barely active, most of it operating at about 33K or slower.  I was primarily in tourist mode - I wanted a good beach to relax on.  I wanted to see the cafe where Duran Duran made the video for "Hungry Like the Wolf".  Stuff like that.

In actuality, I wasn't that superficial.  I did take an interest in the fact that Sri Lanka was a well-known haven for pedophiles.  I read a book published by a local anti-pedophile activist group.  I was aware of the fact that some "artists" (writer Paul Bowles for one, Arthur C. Clarke another) had made homes for themselves in Sri Lanka.  Bowles was a member of a group of writers who hung out in Tangier, Morocco in the 40's and 50's, ostensibly on the hunt for young boys

I have a habit of clipping out unusual items in foreign newspapers.  I put this one about the two strange videotaping white guys in an envelope and eventually sent it home to my mom.  She died of cancer a few years ago, it's in her stuff (somewhere), along with an article on inept surgery at Sri Lankan hospitals, sexual harassment of Sri Lankan women, and a few other things I clipped and folded away.

The area of the Central Bank in Colombo is not exactly picturesque.  Far from it. It is not a likely place for tourists to videotape, especially at an hour when most people are just getting out of bed.  It's therefore unlikely that these two guys were "tourists" of any sort.  

This odd incident parallels the 9-11 attack on New York's World Trade Center and the "Dancing Israeli" Mossad agents who were videotaping the towers as the planes hit them, all the while appearing to be in a most jubilant mood.  

The few months that I spent in Sri Lanka, I never heard a mention of the peculiar foreigners again.  Nor have I heard about them since then.  There was no news of the local police doing any further investigation.   

The bank bombing was considered the work of the Tamil (LTTE).  The LTTE, like the Sri Lankan miltary, were both trained in Israel, according to Victor Ostrovsky, author of the Mossad expose "By Way of Deception".  Israel, said Ostrovsky, was not only training both sides of the conflict.  It was selling arms to both sides as well.

The 2008 Mumbai bombing and massacre is believed by some to be largely a Mossad operation in cooperation with Indian intelligence (RAW).  Like the attack in Sri Lanka, it also took place in the shadow of a WTC with twin towers:  namely Mumbai's World Trade Center (pictured at right).  Locals noticed that some of the terrorists were light skinned and light haired.  The Sassoon Docks, where one group of terrorists arrived by boat, is almost directly opposite the towers (map here, Sassoon Docks at lower left).

There are World Trade Centers in many cities around the world.  The one in my town is a squat building with a round facade.  Maybe I should consider myself lucky I don't live in a place that has a WTC with twin towers.

Sri Lanka is strategically useful and has been since the Second World War.  Because of its location in the path of major sea routes, Sri Lanka is an important naval link between West Asia and South East Asia.  As of late, China has pumped at least a billion dollars into a port on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, ten miles from one of the world’s busiest shipping routes, in the village of Hambantota.

According to one article: 

(Hambantota) is where China is building a $1 billion port that it plans to use as a refuelling and docking station for its navy, as it patrols the Indian Ocean and protects China’s supplies of Saudi oil. 

Ever since Sri Lanka agreed to the plan, in March 2007, China has given it all the aid, arms and diplomatic support it needs to defeat the Tigers, without worrying about the West...

China is also building or upgrading ports at Gwadar in Pakistan, Chittagong in Bangladesh and Sittwe in Burma.

The article goes on to say that China is, nowadays, the main source of arms sales for the Sri Lankan military:

Beijing appears to have increased arms sales significantly to Sri Lanka since 2007, when the US suspended military aid over human rights issues...China...has also boosted financial aid to Sri Lanka, even as Western countries have reduced their contributions.  

China’s aid to Sri Lanka jumped from a few million dollars in 2005 to almost $1 billion last year, replacing Japan as the biggest foreign donor.  

In addition, there is the added attraction of the port of Trincomalee.  Trincomalee has been eyed by regional and global superpowers such as the United States because of its strategic location on the world's main shipping lanes.  It has one of the few natural, deep seawater harbors in Asia, and it is an ideal base for military ships.

As for Israel, the Wayne Madsen Report states: 

In May 2000, a day after India refused to give Sri Lanka any military assistance in its war against the Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka and Israel resumed diplomatic relations.  

Although the corporate media are focusing on Sri Lanka’s military assistance from China, little mention is being made of the island nation’s military links with Israel. 

After the establishment of diplomatic ties between Jerusalem and Colombo, Israeli military technicians arrived...Israeli arms and ammunition also began flooding into Sri Lanka...Soon, Israeli military advisers and “consultants” were regular visitors to Colombo’s new Access Lanka Building, owned by relatives of Sri Lanka’s top military officers...

...Israel’s Mossad recruited agents among Sri Lanka’s large contingent of foreign workers in the Persian Gulf Arab states. There were also reports that Israelis were also providing weapons and training to Tamil guerrillas in order to maintain a “market” for Israeli arms suppliers in the civil war-wracked island nation.

WMR visited Phnom Penh, Cambodia and discovered that the Mossad and Cambodian criminal syndicate allies continue to obtain bought-back Cambodian weapons from Cambodian government warehouses and are selling them to guerrilla groups throughout Asia, including Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers...

WMR photographed a number of Zim shipping containers portside along the Mekong River in Phnom Penh. From this and other port facilities, including the port of Sihanoukville, bought-back Cambodian weapons, some originally provided to the Khmer Rouge by [Israeli tycoon Shaul] Eisenberg and the Chinese, are making their way to insurgent groups around Asia, possibly including Iraqi guerrillas battling U.S. forces in Iraq.

Israel established an Israeli "Special Interests Section" inside the U.S. Embassy in Colombo in the early 1980's.  It was headed by David Matnai, a specialist on Asian affairs who was identified by British sources as a Mossad agent.  The field agents were on loan from the Shabak, otherwise known as the Shin Bet.  On June 28, 1984, a bomb was detontated near the hotel room occupied by the head of the Israeli Interest Section. The explosion caused damage to the room and its contents.  One woman was killed in the blast.

In spite of Sri Lanka's cutting diplomatic ties with Israel in 1970 over Palestine, once the Special Interests Section was set up, relations between Israel and Sri Lanka began to grow closer. Israel began providing Sri Lanka with military advisers and established a special commando unit for the Sri Lankan police.

According to "The Israeli Connection:  Whom Israel Arms and Why" by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, seems that since Israel became involved in 1984, things have become bloodier and less hopeful.  Sri Lanka has now earned the frightening nickname of "The Lebanon of South Asia."

Rafi Eitan (also sometimes spelled Eytan), one time head of the Israeli intelligence agency LEKEM, and close friend of Ariel Sharon,  had recruited Jonathan Pollard to spy on the US.

Around 1985, Eitan was sent to Sri Lanka to take over Mossad operations there. His cover was that he was an employee of Israel Chemical Industries, which has had operations in Sri Lanka.

According to an article at, Eitan was spotted in the US in 2003.

At the present age of 82 going on 83, it wouldn't appear to most people that Eitan constitutes a threat.  According to Wikipedia, he enjoys good health and claims to be nowhere near retirement, a statement which gives the impression, like Kissinger, that he's going to be trouble until he drops dead. 

Around 1992, Eitan was involved in projects in Cuba under the company Grupo BM.   Grupo BM also won the contract to build the World Trade Center in Havana, and a Holocaust Memorial at the center of the Old City of Havana.

Just what is it with World Trade Centers and the Mossad anyway?  And what the hell does Havana need with a "Holocaust Memorial Center"?

More from Wayne Madsen: 

In 1990, Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa ordered the Israeli Interests Section at the U.S. embassy to close its doors and two Israeli diplomats in Colombo were ordered to leave...Premadasa also ordered a government investigation of charges that Mossad was training both Sri Lankan and Tamil guerrilla forces.  

On September 25, 1991, Reuters reported  “Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa...yesterday accused the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad of plotting against him because he closed the Israeli interests section in the U.S. embassy. He spoke at the opening session of parliament.”

On May 1, 1993, Premadasa was assassinated in Colombo during May Day festivities by a suicide bomber said to be a Tamil guerrilla. Twenty-three other people were killed in the blast. 

On May 28, 1993, Abdul Hameed Mohammed Azwer, Sri Lankan minister of state for Muslim affairs, said in Jeddah, “Israel was enraged by when they were expelled from Sri Lanka by Premadasa and I suspect the Mossad was behind the dastardly murder of this respected leader.”

Those behind Premadasa’s assassination remains an Asian “cold case.” On September 23, 1997, Attorney General Sarath Silva released 18 Tamil suspects in the assassination of the president, citing lack of evidence. Silva declared the case would be officially deemed as “unsolved.”

During a March 2009 trip to Israel by Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, talks were held with Israel’s leading arms suppliers on increased military aid by the Israelis to Sri Lanka.

According to Victor Ostrovsky's "By Way of Deception" the Israelis didn't have a high opinion of the Sri Lankans they were training:    

"I'll meet you at the airport", Amy (Yaar) said, "because we have a group of people coming from Sri Lanka to train here...When these guys arrive", he said, "don't make a face.  Don't do anything."

"What do you mean?", I asked. 

 "Well these guys are monkeylike.  They come from a place that's not developed.  They're not long out of the trees.  So don't expect much."     By Way of Deception, The Making of a Mossad Officer - page 127 (paperback edition).  

According to Ostrovsky, there was a logistics error made in the training of Sri Lankans.  One time, Sri Lankan miltary and the Tamil were being trained within yards of each other.  

On July 5, 1987, a couple of years after the Israelis began training the Tamil, came the very first Tamil suicide bomber.  

Here is another report on Israel training Sri Lankan forces from the Toledo (Ohio) Blade. 

One blog states:  

By 1987 India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi convinced Sri Lankan President Junius Jayawardene to sign the Indo-Sri Lankan peace accord, which gave autonomy to the Tamil areas in the north and east of the island. An amnesty was declared, and 3,000 Indian troops were sent as peacekeepers... 

 New Straits Times, June 7, 1987, page 10

In 1987, the Hindustan Times reported that in the Sri Lankan city of Jaffna, the troops seized large quantities of arms with Israeli markings, meant for the Tamils...when Rajiv Gandhi drafted the peace accord, he demanded that all Israelis leave Sri Lanka...

Under political pressure at home, Rajiv Gandhi withdrew the army, but used the Indian navy to completely shut down the Jewish arms trade in Sri Lanka. 

Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991, along with 15 others in a blast.  

On 8 Aug 1984, Ghandi’s mother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, condemned Sri Lankan President J.R. Jayewardene for bringing Mossad into Sri Lanka.  Two months later, Sikh separatists gunned down Indira Gandhi...
In keeping with the trend of Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Phillipines and China, Sri Lanka as of 2005 has its very own Chabad Lubavitch Centre.  It is supposed to be set up for the Jewish community in Sri Lanka, both visiting and resident.  

I never noticed that there were a lot of Jews in Sri Lanka, unless you count the Rothschild tea estates on the way to Nuwara Eliya.  In fact, the whole time I was there, I only saw two.  Wait a minute, three.  I almost forgot about the snarky, full-of-herself British television producer who stayed in another room in my guesthouse in Kandy.  She spent her vacation there shooting up heroin, or as the locals call it, brown sugar.  Between being snotty and dismissive in my presence (when not in a drug haze) she talked about going up to Jaffna to do a documentary on the displaced Tamil.

The other two were Israeli girls in their 20's who hung out quite a bit at the Colombo Hilton.  Since I went to the Hilton often for the buffet, I kept running into them.  They were always glammed up, sometimes in spandex, and holding court with a different businessman every day.  I figured they were paying their sojourn in Asia through prostitution.  

I ran into them one time at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, where they had taken a break from their "jobs" to go sightseeing.  They looked none too happy to see me - they figured I must have been on to them by then.  

Monday, October 19, 2009

India's "Tel Aviv of the Hills" - Does Israel Have Its Eye On India's Hydro Power?

A sign in Hebrew in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India, which indicates "For homesick Israelis: breakfast, salami sausage from Israel (Kosher), Israeli candies, black coffee and more Manali, India" 

Himachal Pradesh is a state in north India.It is spread over 21,629 sq mi (56,019 km²), and is bordered by the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir on north, Punjab on west and south-west, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on south, Uttarakhand on south-east and by Tibet, China on the east. The literal meaning of Himachal Pradesh is Region of snowy mountains.

Himachal is extremely rich in hydroelectric resources. The state has about 25% of the national potential in this respect. It has been estimated that about 20,300MW of power can be generated in the State by constructing various major, medium, small and mini/micro hydro projects on the five river basins.

February 2, 2009  Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh - As the world keeps a tense watch on the fragile ceasefire in Gaza, a village here is reeling under the impact of the Israeli offensive. Dharamkot, 13 km from Dharamsala, has been a popular destination among Israelis.

But the last few weeks, according to the locals, have seen their numbers fall by almost 70 per cent. Around 20,000 Israelis visit Dharamkot and nearby Bagsu every year.

Nestled in the foothills of Dhauladhar ranges, tourists refer to Dharamkot as the “Tel Aviv of the Hills” where many houses have been turned into “countryside guesthouses”. Though a truce has been called, the situation in Gaza continues to be tense and the risk of war high.

It’s holding back people and their vacation plans – most Israelis are required to serve in the defence forces for at least three years. “The tension in Gaza Strip has hit us hard,” said Sandeep Kumar, who runs a caf and #233.

“Two days back, I got a call from an Israeli client canceling a group booking,” said Prem Sagar, a travel agent at nearby McLeodganj. The setback comes within days of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which, too, had disrupted the flow of tourists.

A large number of backpackers left within days of the November 26 strikes. Two rabbis who managed a place of worship shut it down and left it a fortnight ago.

Locals, a majority of who gave up traditional occupation like sheep-rearing to cash in on the tourist boom, are worried. Many could soon be out of business.

“I took a loan to set up a grocery shop after retiring from the army. I’m worried about repayments,” said Rajmal Kumar, an ex-serviceman.

Israelis planning business, too, have shelved their plans. Liron, who only uses one name and served as a combat engineer with the Israeli army, said: “I had come on a three-year business visa and wanted to set up a restaurant serving Israeli cuisine, but now I’ll have to rethink.Two rabbis who managed a place of worship shut it down and left it a fortnight ago.

From DalitVoice.Org
A thriving Jewish quarter has emerged in the adjoining Kulu and Manali valleys in the Himalayas, known as much for their salubrious climate and snow-capped peaks as for the quality of hashish available there. Over the past 15 years, these overcrowded but still picturesque resorts on the Beas river have emerged as the new “promised land” to which thousands of Jews annually migrate for extended periods for an uninterrupted fest of drugs, rock n roll and karmic cleansing. According to Himachal state officials, nearly two-thirds of estimated 90,000 foreign tourists that visit Old Manali, Vashishth, Kasol and Naggar each year, are young Israeli backpackers.

A tiny Zionist state is in the making but the Brahminical rulers have simply ignored the drug-addicted Jewish tourists who have created so much of problem to the locals.
Related (?) news:

Granite Hacarmel Investments Ltd., a publicly-traded holding company that owns leading Israeli companies in the energy, infrastructure, chemicals and synergetic industries (Sonol, Supergas), will invest $6 million in a new Indian consortium that will invest in renewable energy projects in India. Granite carries out its cleantech ventures through its subsidiary GES Global Environmental Solutions Ltd. which focuses on water technologies.

Shimla, April 29 -- Israel has offered to help the Himachal Pradesh government in the fields of irrigation, water management and post harvesting techniques. Israeli Ambassador David Danieli conveyed the offer to reporters Saturday after meeting with the state's Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and other state officials here the previous day. "A top level team of agri experts will visit Himachal as soon we get a proposal of the list of priorities, which need immediate boosting," said Danieli.

Israel Electric Corporation to Build Power Plant in India
State-run Israeli company, Israel Electric Corporation, is in talks with the Andhra Pradesh Electicity Company for setting up a 3500 MW power plant. Electric Cororation will construct and manage the proposed power plant at Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, estimated to cost $10 billion.  The power plant would be coal-fired and the Israel Electric Corporation expects to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.  Israel Electric Corp is the sole integrated electric utility in Israel and generates, transmits and distributes virtually all the electricity used in the Israel. It owns and operates 17 power stations including five thermal power stations and 5 combined cycle units with an aggregate installed generating capacity of 10,083 MW. 

Leviathan Energy to Provide Clean Electricity for India
Leviathan Energy Ltd., based in Israel, and Maple Leaf India PVT have signed a letter of intent for a $50 million-plus contract to provide clean electricity for India. The two companies met during a recent India-Israel renewable energy summit organized by Israel’s MATIMOP and India’s GITA for the promotion of science and industry.
Israel's Mekorot to develop water infrastructure in India   
Jain Irrigation Systems of India and Mekorot, the national water company of Israel, today signed an MOU to work together on water projects in India.  The two companies say they plan to explore projects in desalination, water resource management, water supply, municipal water management and/or wastewater treatment and reclamation projects...Mekorot is a leader in water resources management, desalination, wastewater treatment and effluent reuse, rain enhancement, water quality, water security and water project engineering.  It supplies 80 percent of Israel's drinking water and 70 percent of its entire water supply, operating 3,000 installations across the country.

Forteam International, The Point of Contact for Indian and Israeli Companies    
Areas of Activity  -   Energy and generating power - Real estate development
Infrastructures - Water technologies - Agriculture - Homeland security - IT solutions

India's Water Aggression Against Neighbours
...The (Kashmiri) resistance movement was so fierce that India sought assistance from Israel how to tackle Islamic insurgency and also started to accuse Pakistan of aiding and abetting terrorism in Kashmir...Israel had established special schools where it was taught how clerics brainwashed recruits. Having mastered this art, it was put to use against Palestinians. This technique is now being used to brainwash suicide bombers and use them in Pakistan...Acquisition of nuclear capability and delivery means by Pakistan led to forging of deeper collaboration between USA, Israel and India and the trio schemed how to destabilize, de-Islamize, denuclearize and possibly balkanize Pakistan...

Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh are victims of Indian water thievery...Without any qualms, India is busy building dams on all rivers flowing into Pakistan from occupied Kashmir to regain control of water of western rivers in violation of Indus Treaty. This is being done under well thought out strategy to render Pakistan's link-canal system redundant, destroy agriculture of Pakistan which is its mainstay and turn Pakistan into a desert...It is because of our survival resting on rivers that Kashmir has been referred to as Pakistan's jugular vein. India has plans to construct 62 dams/hydro-electric units on Rivers Chenab and Jhelum thus enabling it to render these rivers dry by 2014.

India - Hydroelectric Projects Meet Resistance
Hydro-electric power projects of private firms in Himachal Pradesh are being pushed by local officers who have made it clear to the people that they have vested interest in these projects. Officers of the state government have tried to influence local activists to support projects that would destroy the livelihoods of local villagers. Revenue officials are openly canvassing for these projects collecting signatures from villagers for approval. Where popular opposition is strong an environment of fear is being created by the local Police.
Other news:

The Little Israel in India by Abhijay Patel

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Forgotten Spiro Agnew Rant on the "Jewish Cabal"

Spiro Agnew was Vice President of the United States under Nixon. He told Jewish Barbara Walters in an interview that the media was controlled by a "Jewish Cabal".

In 1976, he briefly reentered the public spotlight and engendered controversy with anti-Zionist statements that called for the United States to withdraw its support for the state of Israel, citing Israel's allegedly bad treatment of Christians, as well as what Gerald Ford publicly criticized as "unsavory remarks about Jews."

Some Agnew quotes:

"The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews,
helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy. All you have to do is check the real policy makers and owners and you find a much higher concentration of Jewish people than you're going to find in the population. By national impact media I am referring tot he major news wire services, pollsters, Time and Newsweek Magazines, thye New York Times, Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune. For example, CBS' Mr. (William) Paley's Jewish. Mr. Julian Goodman, who runs NBC, and there's a Leonard Goldenson at ABC. Mrs. Katherine Graham owns the Washington Post and Mr. Sulzberger the New York Times. They are all Jews!

You go down the line in that fashion...not just with ownership but go down to the managing posts and discretionary posts... and you'll find that through their aggressiveness and their inventiveness, they now dominate the news media. Not only in the media, but in academic communities, the financial communities, in the foundations, in all sorts of highly visible and influential services that involve the public, they now have a tremendous voice.

Our policy in the Middle East in my judgment is disastrous, because it's not even handed. I see no reason why nearly half the foreign aid this nation has to give goes to Israel, except for the influence of this Zionist lobby. I think the power of the news media is in the hands of a few's not subject to control of the voters, it's subject only to the whim of the board of directors."

Excerpt from The Saturday Citizen, July 29, 1976

A pro-Zionist article from (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) states:

The mass distrust of the alleged Hebraic cabal behind the media was first politically exploited at the highest levels by Richard Nixon, who sincerely hated that imaginary clique. He often raved to H.R. Haldeman about those "satanic Jews" atop the networks and the New York Times.

Nixon's button-man in the campaign was his felonious understudy, Spiro Agnew, whose paranoid attack on the news media--"a tiny and closed fraternity of privileged men, elected by no one"--was tacitly anti-Semitic.
His animus became much more explicit after Agnew's forcible retirement: "All you have to do is look around and see who owns the networks, who owns the Washington Post, the New York Times," he declared in 1976. "As you look around in the big news business, you see a heavy concentration of Jewish people."

Agnew's assault on Big Media was both conceived and crafted by the young Pat Buchanan. Since then, Buchanan has ebulliently parlayed his media celebrity into a full-time political jihad against the media (among other targets), and has done so with a tang of anti-Semitism so pronounced that even William Buckley finally had to clear his throat.

Another article states:

He correctly pointed out that the student led anti-war movement was influenced by seditious elements and, while being a strong advocate of civil rights, cautioned against the extremism that some in the civil rights movement gravitated to. For this he was vilified by the press and turned into a punch line on such shows as Laugh In and the Smothers Brothers. But the Hollywood cultural elite and Eastern seaboard media now keep Agnew in a historical memory hole.

Spiro Agnew's greatest service to the nation arguably was about challenging the media. He targeted the Washington Post, Newsweek and the New York Times, pointing out the concentration of power, the diversity of media they owned, and the unfairness of the use of corporate media power to drill home one point of view to the American people. This he said all the while pointing out how he understood that while the First Amendment protected them, it also protected him, and that the opposition's shrill whining would not deter him.

To be true to the record, Spiro Agnew did make some unpleasant remarks occasionally that could be considered bigoted and callous. There can be no excuse for calling A reporter a ' Fat Jap.' or saying, when asked to visit an underprivileged neighborhood " You've seen one slum you've seen 'em all." But Orthodox Jews appreciated him. The segment of the Jewish community that understood he was a friend, at least while in office welcomed his long time support for Israel. After leaving office, his expressed sympathies changed dramatically and he lobbied for Kuwaiti interests.

Oddly, Agnew's wife, Elinor Isabel Judefind Agnew, known as Judy, was daughter of W. Lee Judefind, a chemist, and his wife, the former Ruth Elinor Schafer.

Agnew died suddenly on September 17, 1996, aged 77 at Atlantic General Hospital, in Berlin, Maryland in Worcester County (near his Ocean City home), only a few hours after being hospitalized and diagnosed with an advanced, yet to that point undetected, form of leukemia.

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