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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9-11, Mossad Mall Spies, Zoomcopters and Dominik Suter

Why is "Dancing Israelis" Mossad agent Dominik Suter associated with a storage unit full of toy helicopters in Bayonne, NJ? Only his katsa knows for sure. (Click on map of warehouse to enlarge). 


Map:  The large circle is "ground zero" of the WTC 9-11 attack.  The small circle is 100 Manhattan Avenue in Union City, NJ (bordering Hoboken) where the Dancing Israelis were reported by a local resident to have been seen videotaping the attack and celebrating. They were not seen at Liberty State Park as is often erroneously reported (The LSP incident may have involved different individuals).  Weehauken, NJ,  just to the west of the Lincoln Tunnel, is home of Dominik Suter's Urban Moving Systems.  Bayonne, NJ is home of Suter's Gould Street Corporation and Zoomcopters. 

If you know anything about the Mossad and the 9-11 attacks, you most certainly know about Dominik Suter, head of Urban Moving Systems, and the five dancing Israelis who were caught videotaping the destruction of the World Trade Center while high-fiving each other.

Two days after the men were picked up by law enforcement, Suter, an Israeli national, abandoned UMS and fled the US for Israel, leaving so fast his lunch was found in his office when investigators came knocking. New York's Jewish weekly, The Forward, reported that the FBI had concluded that at least two of the five suspects were Mossad agents, and that Urban Moving Systems, which employed them, was a Mossad front. The NJ state record for Urban Moving Systems is here.

A detailed article on Mossad and 9-11 is here.

Dominik Otto Suter, (also spelled Dominick) is listed in (paid subscription version) as associated with Urban Moving Systems and an address in Weehauken, NJ. However, since this article was posted, any and all business references to Suter on PeopleFinders have been deleted. The Weehauken address was also deleted. Hmmm....

Update: The information has mysteriously (or not) reappeared. Screenshot below.  This listing also shows a Gould Street Corp. in connection with Dominik Suter. (click on to enlarge).

I was in the meantime forced to find Suter's Weehauken address on US Search (click to enlarge):
As of 9/15/09, UMS was still listed in at Suter's Weehauken address (click to enlarge):

Suter is also associated with Gould Street Corp. and an address: 73-75 Gould Street in Bayonne, NJ. According to New Jersey records, Gould Street's corporate status was revoked in 2006 for not filing an annual report for 2 years. Suter's address is listed as "undeliverable". The NJ state record for Gould Street Corporation is below (click on to enlarge):

Gould Street Corporation was started in May of 2001. Urban Moving Systems (registration below, click on to enlarge) last annual report was filed in May, 2001.

A map of 73 Gould Street (top of story) shows a large warehouse and links the address to a self-storage firm called E and W River Corp.

On the map listing for E and W is a link, "more info", which leads to websites that sell the Zoomcopter, a toy helicopter (image below - click on to enlarge)
One company that sells the Zoomcopter in addition to other products, lists Zoomcopter's contact information at

73-75 Gould Street, and a contact email for an "hktoyscorp".

Zoomcopters were the toy helicopters being sold in shopping mall kiosks by suspected Mossad spies posing as art students prior to 9-11. The "Israeli art students" were rounded up and deported soon after the tragedy.

And now the Mossad mall kiosks in the US are back in business, this time selling Dead Sea salts and other items at prices you wouldn't believe.

Can you say 9-9-9?

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Anonymous said...

Like most people- what I wonder is this...
if and when the Zionists "trash"
the U.S. then there is no other country on this planet which can support their endeavors- financially or otherwise.

So what I wish to know is what will they do when there is no U.S. economy to "suck" off of...surely IsraHell is not a place they'd want to live????

andie531 said...

This is from the old Danny Steinberg blog, which is now only seen on this site:

Even if this is only parody, it really isn't that far fetched. China is a big country - they are already there (Chabad and also professors on Israeli relations with China) I left some posts on WUFYS (search on China) which give a few details.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


May has been a busy month for us at the Plymouth Rock Institute of Research. I regret not keeping my blog up to date.

One of the interesting ideas we have been looking at is the logistics of moving the entire Jewish population of the United States to China. How many airpanes will it take? How quickly can it be done? How to carry out financial transfers?

The "exodus" would be very complex. Luckily, we are Jewish and can handle the myriad calculations.

It is pretty clear that our time in the United States is almost up. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. If the dollar collapses (which is inevitable), the goyim will look to the Jews running the Federal Reserve Bank. Then you have the Iraq war and the soon to be Iran war.

Many goyim on the internet are quite aware of the Jewish architects of these wars. You also have the Merscheimer-Walt paper the exposes the tip of the iceberg of Jewish Power in the United States.

If we cannot prevent this knowledge from being "mainstreamed", it is very clear that there will be extreme animosity towards Jews in America.

International Jewry has designated China as our next homeland. With Jewish help it can eclipse the U.S. as a world power and in fact subjucate it.

We already have many Jews in China paving the way, using the United States diplomatic core as cover. Our fellow Jews on Wall St. have convinced the gentile to go into massive debt to the Chinese in exchange for gimcracks and geegaws.

When we gain influence in China, we will also control the wealth of America.

Our plans are supposed to be secret but while I was at the fete to celebrate the centenary of the American Jewish Committee at the US Library of Congress, Israeli novelist, AB Yehoshua (Booker International Prize nominee) almost spilled the beans.

Luckily outside of George Bush very few goyim attended the event (unless you count the valets and waiters). Yehoshua said "that diaspora Jews changed their nationalities like jackets.

Once they were Polish and Russian; now they were British and American. One day they could choose to be Chinese or Singaporean." Ouch!

Haaretz notes that:

Yehoshua told the audience here in Washington on Tuesday that religion is of no importance to him - it is the land and the language that forge his Israelli identity.

He stressed that his Israeli identity was more important than his Judaism, arousing annoyance and unease in the audience.

"For me there is no alternative...I cannot keep my identity outside Israel. Israeli is my skin, not my jacket. You are changing are changing countries like changing jackets," he said.

Well of course. We know there can never be assimilation. There can never even be dual loyalites for us Jews. Only loyalty to Israel and our fellow Jews, even at the expense of our current nation. Assimilation is just something that allays the fears of the gentile while we reap the spoils of their societies.

The US is fast becoming an empty husk. We are looking to the future.

posted by Danny Steinberg at 5:35 PM

Anonymous said...

“The Port Authority closed the 1990s with a stream of press releases announcing the rental of unimaginable huges quantities of Trade Center office space to “Cutting Edge” firms like Sun Microsystems. Yet around the complex A MILLION SQAURE FEET STOOD EMPTY, and the building originaly intended as great catalizing chambers of world trade were by degrees, transforming into a kind of DISJUNTIVE REAL ESTATE LAYER-CAKE. One story above the carpeted, wood- paneled offices of a Japanese securities firm, A GROUP OF ARTIST FILLED BARE WALL WITH BOLDLY COLLORED IMAGES AND HUNG SCULPURES FROM THE EXPOSED CEILING GIRDERS OF VAST ECHOING CAVERNS. As part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program that TURN SOME OF THE VACANT SPACE IN THE TOWER OVER TO ARTIST RENT FREE, 40.000 SQUARE FEET OF CONCRETE FLOOR lay painted and strewn with the Raw materials of creative urge that has never been easily reconciled with the imperatives of a bottom line. Under such conditions, one could begin to read in the Trade Center symptoms of an internal fragmentation quite at odds with the image of a thriving, Class-A lower Manhattan Office Complex.”Pages 191-192 Divided We Stand Eric Darton (1999)


Anonymous said...
At least one American,a day after knew--what's up Doc :^/

andie531 said...

I figured it wasn't Bin Laden the same day it happened, and I'm not in the CIA. Also that a controlled demolition was done. I can't figure out why anyone would nitpick at how the towers came down when it looked exactly like a controlled demo. Richard Gage of the AIA and thousands of architects agree.

Anonymous said...

This comment is in reference to the following -

"And now the Mossad mall kiosks in the US are back in business, this time selling Dead Sea salts and other items at prices you wouldn't believe."

I'm from South Africa and would you believe that the VERY SAME Mossad crews are running EXACTLY the same operations in malls across South Africa. There is a mall in a city called East London ( which incidentally is approx 50+KM away from the SA governments Legislature in a place called Bhisho ) called Hemingways Mall. These Israeli characters have a kiosk set up selling Dead Sea salts. Interesting to note is that East London is a hive of activity when it comes to government officials! I have it on reliable authority that there are also kiosks set up in Johannesburg. Not sure about other cities.

Love to know what the plan is here in South Africa!