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Friday, August 7, 2009

More Fun Summer Reading - The Blackwater "John Doe" Affadavits

Part 1 covers team "Mamba" and shooting innocent civilians (with great glee, in all cases) and guns smuggled in bags of dog food.

Part 2 covers death threats against snitches, money laundering, members using "call signs" based on the Knights Templar; statements uttered to "lay Hajiis out on cardboard"; the unsuitability of the hired mercenaries and firing of mental health professionals who would not endorse them; using illegal explosive ammo made by the company Le Mas for maximum kill effect; knowingly hiring individuals involved in Kosovo sex trafficking; use of child and other prostitutes; a wife swapping ring; and illegal arms trading.

Blackwater was founded by a Navy Seal. Remember Kay Griggs' stories about the Navy Seals?

In other news:

Exploding bullets, serial murders, a plot to wipe out Muslims. What does it say about Blackwater today when the weirdest part isn't that Mary Kay Letournau is a sister of one of the mercenary corporation's top executives? (And that her south King County home is just a few miles from that of a former Blackwater guard accused of drunkenly gunning down a security officer outside the Iraqi vice-president's home?)

And what of all this? Is someone mad at Blackwater? Is this outfit being outed (after all these years of wreaking havoc and killing innocent civilians) because it is run by so-called "Christians"? Is this the end of Blackwater and the expansion of DynCorp?

After all, Blackwater's just-as-evil twin, DynCorp, "has been consistently winning government war-zone work from competitors like Blackwater USA and KBR that have had trouble in Iraq" and recently got a brand new gig in Afghanistan.

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