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Monday, August 31, 2009

What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us About Obamacare

Mises Daily by

In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise universal "cradle-to-grave" healthcare coverage, to be accomplished through the complete socialization of medicine. The "right to health" became a "constitutional right" of Soviet citizens.

The proclaimed advantages of this system were that it would "reduce costs" and eliminate the "waste" that stemmed from "unnecessary duplication and parallelism" — i.e., competition.

These goals were similar to the ones declared by Mr. Obama and Ms. Pelosi — attractive and humane goals of universal coverage and low costs. What's not to like?

The system had many decades to work, but widespread apathy and low quality of work paralyzed the healthcare system. In the depths of the socialist experiment, healthcare institutions in Russia were at least a hundred years behind the average US level. Moreover, the filth, odors, cats roaming the halls, drunken medical personnel, and absence of soap and cleaning supplies added to an overall impression of hopelessness and frustration that paralyzed the system. According to official Russian estimates, 78 percent of all AIDS victims in Russia contracted the virus through dirty needles or HIV-tainted blood in the state-run hospitals.

Irresponsibility, expressed by the popular Russian saying "They pretend they are paying us and we pretend we are working," resulted in appalling quality of service, widespread corruption, and extensive loss of life. My friend, a famous neurosurgeon in today's Russia, received a monthly salary of 150 rubles — one third of the average bus driver's salary.

In order to receive minimal attention by doctors and nursing personnel, patients had to pay bribes. I even witnessed a case of a "nonpaying" patient who died trying to reach a lavatory at the end of the long corridor after brain surgery. Anesthesia was usually "not available" for abortions or minor ear, nose, throat, and skin surgeries. This was used as a means of extortion by unscrupulous medical bureaucrats.

"Slavery certainly 'reduced costs' of labor, 'eliminated the waste' of bargaining for wages, and avoided 'unnecessary duplication and parallelism'."

To improve the statistics concerning the numbers of people dying within the system, patients were routinely shoved out the door before taking their last breath.

Being a People's Deputy in the Moscow region from 1987 to 1989, I received many complaints about criminal negligence, bribes taken by medical apparatchiks, drunken ambulance crews, and food poisoning in hospitals and child-care facilities. I recall the case of a fourteen-year-old girl from my district who died of acute nephritis in a Moscow hospital. She died because a doctor decided that it was better to save "precious" X-ray film (imported by the Soviets for hard currency) instead of double-checking his diagnosis. These X-rays would have disproven his diagnosis of neuropathic pain.

Instead, the doctor treated the teenager with a heat compress, which killed her almost instantly. There was no legal remedy for the girl's parents and grandparents. By definition, a single-payer system cannot allow any such remedy. The girl's grandparents could not cope with this loss and they both died within six months. The doctor received no official reprimand.

Not surprisingly, government bureaucrats and Communist Party officials, as early as 1921 (three years after Lenin's socialization of medicine), realized that the egalitarian system of healthcare was good only for their personal interest as providers, managers, and rationers — but not as private users of the system.

So, as in all countries with socialized medicine, a two-tier system was created: one for the "gray masses" and the other, with a completely different level of service, for the bureaucrats and their intellectual servants. In the USSR, it was often the case that while workers and peasants were dying in the state hospitals, the medicine and equipment that could save their lives was sitting unused in the nomenklatura system.

At the end of the socialist experiment, the official infant-mortality rate in Russia was more than 2.5 times as high as in the United States and more than five times that of Japan. The rate of 24.5 deaths per 1,000 live births was questioned recently by several deputies to the Russian Parliament, who claim that it is seven times higher than in the United States. This would make the Russian death rate 55 compared to the US rate of 8.1 per 1,000 live births.

Having said that, I should make it clear that the United States has one of the highest rates of the industrialized world only because it counts all dead infants, including premature babies, which is where most of the fatalities occur.

Most countries do not count premature-infant deaths. Some don't count any deaths that occur in the first 72 hours. Some countries don't even count any deaths from the first two weeks of life. In Cuba, which boasts a very low infant-mortality rate, infants are only registered when they are several months old, thereby leaving out of the official statistics all infant deaths that take place within the first several months of life.

In the rural regions of Karakalpakia, Sakha, Chechnya, Kalmykia, and Ingushetia, the infant mortality rate is close to 100 per 1,000 births, putting these regions in the same category as Angola, Chad, and Bangladesh. Tens of thousands of infants fall victim to influenza every year, and the proportion of children dying from pneumonia and tuberculosis is on the increase. Rickets, caused by a lack of vitamin D, and unknown in the rest of the modern world, is killing many young people.

Uterine damage is widespread, thanks to the 7.3 abortions the average Russian woman undergoes during childbearing years. Keeping in mind that many women avoid abortions altogether, the 7.3 average means that many women have a dozen or more abortions in their lifetime.

Even today, according to the State Statistics Committee, the average life expectancy for Russian men is less than 59 years — 58 years and 11 months — while that for Russian women is 72 years. The combined figure is 65 years and three months.[1] By comparison, the average life span for men in the United States is 73 years and for women 79 years. In the United States, life expectancy at birth for the total population has reached an all-time American high of 77.5 years, up from 49.2 years just a century ago. The Russian life expectancy at birth is 12 years lower.[2]

After seventy years of socialism, 57 percent of all Russian hospitals did not have running hot water, and 36 percent of hospitals located in rural areas of Russia did not have water or sewage at all. Isn't it amazing that socialist government, while developing space exploration and sophisticated weapons, would completely ignore the basic human needs of its citizens?

"The filth, odors, cats roaming the halls, drunken medical personnel, and absence of soap and cleaning supplies added to an overall impression of hopelessness and frustration that paralyzed the system."

The appalling quality of service is not simply characteristic of "barbarous" Russia and other Eastern European nations: it is a direct result of the government monopoly on healthcare and it can happen in any country. In "civilized" England, for example, the waiting list for surgeries is nearly 800,000 out of a population of 55 million. State-of-the-art equipment is nonexistent in most British hospitals. In England, only 10 percent of the healthcare spending is derived from private sources.

Britain pioneered in developing kidney-dialysis technology, and yet the country has one of the lowest dialysis rates in the world. The Brookings Institution (hardly a supporter of free markets) found that every year 7,000 Britons in need of hip replacements, between 4,000 and 20,000 in need of coronary bypass surgery, and some 10,000 to 15,000 in need of cancer chemotherapy are denied medical attention in Britain.

Age discrimination is particularly apparent in all government-run or heavily regulated systems of healthcare. In Russia, patients over 60 are considered worthless parasites and those over 70 are often denied even elementary forms of healthcare.

In the United Kingdom, in the treatment of chronic kidney failure, those who are 55 years old are refused treatment at 35 percent of dialysis centers. Forty-five percent of 65-year-old patients at the centers are denied treatment, while patients 75 or older rarely receive any medical attention at these centers.

In Canada, the population is divided into three age groups in terms of their access to healthcare: those below 45, those 45–65, and those over 65. Needless to say, the first group, who could be called the "active taxpayers," enjoys priority treatment.

Advocates of socialized medicine in the United States use Soviet propaganda tactics to achieve their goals. Michael Moore is one of the most prominent and effective socialist propagandists in America. In his movie, Sicko, he unfairly and unfavorably compares health care for older patients in the United States with complex and incurable diseases to healthcare in France and Canada for young women having routine babies. Had he done the reverse — i.e., compared healthcare for young women in the United States having babies to older patients with complex and incurable diseases in socialized healthcare systems — the movie would have been the same, except that the US healthcare system would look ideal, and the UK, Canada, and France would look barbaric.

Now we in the United States are being prepared for discrimination in treatment of the elderly when it comes to healthcare. Ezekiel Emanuel is director of the Clinical Bioethics Department at the US National Institutes of Health and an architect of Obama's healthcare-reform plan. He is also the brother of Rahm Emanuel, Obama's White House chief of staff. Foster Friess reports that Ezekiel Emanuel has written that health services should not be guaranteed to

individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens. An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia.[3]

An equally troubling article, coauthored by Emanuel, appeared in the medical journal The Lancet in January 2009. The authors write that

unlike allocation [of healthcare] by sex or race, allocation by age is not invidious discrimination; every person lives through different life stages rather than being a single age. Even if 25-year-olds receive priority over 65-year-olds, everyone who is 65 years now was previously 25 years. Treating 65-year-olds differently because of stereotypes or falsehoods would be ageist; treating them differently because they have already had more life-years is not.[4]

Socialized medicine will create massive government bureaucracies — similar to our unified school districts — impose costly job-destroying mandates on employers to provide the coverage, and impose price controls that will inevitably lead to shortages and poor quality of service. It will also lead to nonprice rationing (i.e., rationing based on political considerations, corruption, and nepotism) of healthcare by government bureaucrats.

Real "savings" in a socialized healthcare system could be achieved only by squeezing providers and denying care — there is no other way to save. The same arguments were used to defend the cotton farming in the South prior to the Civil War. Slavery certainly "reduced costs" of labor, "eliminated the waste" of bargaining for wages, and avoided "unnecessary duplication and parallelism."

In supporting the call for socialized medicine, American healthcare professionals are like sheep demanding the wolf: they do not understand that the high cost of medical care in the United States is partially based on the fact that American healthcare professionals have the highest level of remuneration in the world. Another source of the high cost of our healthcare is existing government regulations on the industry, regulations that prevent competition from lowering the cost. Existing rules such as "certificates of need," licensing, and other restrictions on the availability of healthcare services prevent competition and, therefore, result in higher prices and fewer services.

Socialized medical systems have not served to raise general health or living standards anywhere. In fact, both analytical reasoning and empirical evidence point to the opposite conclusion. But the dismal failure of socialized medicine to raise people's health and longevity has not affected its appeal for politicians, administrators, and their intellectual servants in search of absolute power and total control.

Most countries enslaved by the Soviet empire moved out of a fully socialized system through privatization and insuring competition in the healthcare system. Others, including many European social democracies, intend to privatize the healthcare system in the long run and decentralize medical control. The private ownership of hospitals and other units is seen as a critical determining factor of the new, more efficient, and humane system.

Yuri N. Maltsev, senior fellow of the Mises Institute, worked as an economist on Mikhail Gorbachev's economic reform team before defecting to the United States. He is the editor of Requiem for Marx. He teaches economics at Carthage College

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jews Encouraged to Return to Kurdistan, Native Kurds Fearful of Displacement. Scheme Connected to Future Strike on Iran?

(Right) Dawood Baghestani, Iraqi Kurdish editor-in-chief of "Israel-Kurd"

ARBIL, Iraq — A new magazine in Iraq's Kurdistan region has caused furor among conservative Muslims with a rousing call for Jews to leave Israel -- and come back to Iraq.

The magazine, "Israel-Kurd", is the brainchild of Dawood Baghestani, the 62-year-old former chief of the autonomous northern region's human rights commission.

The glossy, full-colour monthly in Kurdish and English has a lofty mission: to help solve the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict by convincing more than 150,000 Kurdish Jews living in Israel to return to Iraqi Kurdistan, Baghestani told AFP.

There is a website that encourages Jewish/Israeli/Kurdish ties, called the Israel-Kurdistan Network, which is also run by Baghestani. There is also the Israel-Kurdish Friendship League.

"The biggest reason behind the complexity of the Palestinian problem is the unjust practices of Arab regimes against the Jews -- there are more than 1.5 million Jews originally from Arab countries in Israel," Baghestani said.

"If the Jews had not been subject to an exodus, the Palestinians wouldn't have been either," he said, referring to the flight of 700,000 Palestinians from the newly created Jewish state in 1948 during the first Arab-Israeli war.

"If the situation in our new federal and democratic Iraq, and particularly in Kurdistan, becomes stable, then many Jews would want to return and reduce the number of Jewish settlements in Palestine."

The latest edition of the 52-page magazine, which has a circulation of around 1,500 copies, features a woman draped in an Israeli flag on the cover.

Inside are stories about Kurdish Jewish traditions and photographs from the first half of the twentieth century, as well as arguments on how a return of Jews would help to build a wealthy and strong Kurdistan.

But many people in Iraq are not buying the argument.

"I'm suspicious. I don't see the point of this kind of publication," said Zana Rustayi, a representative of the Islamist Jamaa Islamiya party in the regional assembly.

"The Kurds are part of the Muslim nation, and Kurdistan is part of Iraq."

Iraq has no relations with Israel, and the country was an implacable foe of the Jewish state under the regime of former dictator Saddam Hussein, who was overthrown by the US-led invasion in 2003.

A Sunni member of parliament in Baghdad, Mithal Alusi, was suspended from parliament and threatened with charges last year after visiting Israel for a conference. The decision was later overturned by the constitutional court.

Kurdistan does have a warmer history with the Jewish state, however. Many of the current crop of Kurdish leaders have visited Israel in past decades.

Jews lived in Kurdistan for centuries, working as traders, farmers and artisans.

But the creation of Israel and the rise of Arab nationalism in the mid-twentieth century dramatically altered the situation, spurring most of Kurdistan's Jews to leave.

Baghestani -- who has been to Israel four times, including on a clandestine trip in 1967 -- denies that he works for the Israelis.

"What I am asking for is enshrined in the constitution: every Iraqi has the right to return to one's homeland. Jews who were Iraqi citizens were subject to injustice," he said.

"If every Arab country allowed the Jews to return, ensured their safety and gave them back their land, Palestinian refugees would be able to return to their territory because Israel would not need so much land."

Mahmud Othman, a Kurdish Coalition MP in Baghdad, disputes this. He says that while relations with Israel may be a nice idea, such a move would not be pragmatic for a region ringed by other Muslim states.

"Kurdistan needs the Arabs. We are living in an Arab country and we are federal region within Iraq. We don't need a relationship with (Israel), we need a relationship with Arabs, we need a relationship with Iran, we need to be close to Turkey," Othman said.

"I haven't heard of any Jews in Israel trying to return to Kurdistan. I think they're better off there."


This Arabic video shows Kurdish magazines with Israeli flags on the covers.

Al Arabiya mentions that most Kurds are not opposed to the idea, except for those living in old Jewish areas concerned about losing their homes to potential Jewish returnees, which number 150,000.

According to
There existed a large community of exiled Jews in Kurdistan from the time of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. These exiled Jews, according to the Talmud, were granted permission by the Jewish authorities to proselytize and succeeded spectacularly in converting nearly all of central Kurdistan to Judaism.

Another section states:
Many aspects of Kurdish and Jewish life and culture have become so intertwined that some of the most popular folk stories accounting for Kurdish ethnic origins connect them with the Jews.

The tombs of Biblical prophets like Nahum in Alikush, Jonah in Nabi Yunis (ancient Nineveh), Daniel in Kirkuk, Habakkuk in Tuisirkan, and Queen Esther and Mordechai in Hamadân, and several caves reportedly visited by Elijah are among the most important Jewish shrines in Kurdistan and are venerated by all Jews today.

The Alliance Israelite Universelle opened schools and many other facilities in Kurdistan for education and fostered progress among the Jewish Kurds as early as 1906...Operations of the Alliance continued until soon after the creation of Israel.

According to recent reports, Israel is cultivating a military relationship with the Kurds in the region - a relationship which would allow them to use the Kurds to strike at Iran and others in the region if needed.

Seymour Hersh in the June 28, 2004 issue of the New Yorker writes:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government decided, I was told, to minimize the damage that the war was causing to Israel’s strategic position by expanding its long-standing relationship with Iraq’s Kurds and establishing a significant presence on the ground in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan.

Israeli intelligence and military operatives are now quietly at work in Kurdistan, providing training for Kurdish commando units and, most important in Israel’s view, running covert operations inside Kurdish areas of Iran and Syria.

Israel feels particularly threatened by Iran, whose position in the region has been strengthened by the war. The Israeli operative include members of the Mossad, Israel’s clandestine foreign-intelligence service, who work undercover in Kurdistan as businessmen and, in some cases, do not carry Israeli passports.

The former Israeli intelligence officer acknowledged that since late last year Israel has been training Kurdish commando units to operate in the same manner and with the same effectiveness as Israel’s most secretive commando units, the Mistaravim.

The initial goal of the Israeli assistance to the Kurds, the former officer said, was to allow them to do what American commando units had been unable to do—penetrate, gather intelligence on, and then kill off the leadership of the Shiite and Sunni insurgencies in Iraq.

There are fears that the Kurds will move to seize the city of Kirkuk, together with the substantial oil reserves in the surrounding region. Kirkuk is dominated by Arab Iraqis, many of whom were relocated there, beginning in the nineteen-seventies, as part of Saddam Hussein’s campaign to “Arabize” the region, but the Kurds consider Kirkuk and its oil part of their historic homeland.

Other news:
Israel urged to rush into attack on Iran
CIA, Mossad Promoting Evangelism in Kurdistan
Details on Captured Jewish American Hikers


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barney Frank Goes On Defensive About "Nazi Policy" Remark, Reverts to His "Ethnic Heritage"

Right - Blast from the past. Frank was once a "spouse" of Herb Moses, an exec at Fannie Mae. More on the Fannie Mae Love Connection here. Investors lost millons in Fannie Mae.

A woman shows up at an ObamaCare Town Hall Meeting and confronts Barney Frank about "Nazi" health care reforms. The woman has shown up at other Town Hall meetings on health care.

In a video from ABC news, she mentions the collapsing economy and the fact that Rahm Emanuel's brother Ezekiel stated, like Hitler, that "certain lives are not worth keeping". When Frank starts going ballistic, her mike gets cut off and she is unable to retort.

The New York Post article on Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel's views on healthcare is here. Ezekiel Emanuel was appointed health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget.

In the ABC video
, the remarks about Nazis are not taken out of context, and in addition, there is a young black man in the audience holding a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

On the Larry King show and other media, the heavily edited video below is the one that got widely shown. The term "Nazi policy" is a stand alone item, with no explanation as to why the term was used. Frank completely scuttles the issue, says "I'm going to revert to my ethnic heritage and answer your question with a question", and calls her remark about Nazis "vile, contemptible nonsense".

Other news: What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us About Obamacare

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9-11, Mossad Mall Spies, Zoomcopters and Dominik Suter

Why is "Dancing Israelis" Mossad agent Dominik Suter associated with a storage unit full of toy helicopters in Bayonne, NJ? Only his katsa knows for sure. (Click on map of warehouse to enlarge). 


Map:  The large circle is "ground zero" of the WTC 9-11 attack.  The small circle is 100 Manhattan Avenue in Union City, NJ (bordering Hoboken) where the Dancing Israelis were reported by a local resident to have been seen videotaping the attack and celebrating. They were not seen at Liberty State Park as is often erroneously reported (The LSP incident may have involved different individuals).  Weehauken, NJ,  just to the west of the Lincoln Tunnel, is home of Dominik Suter's Urban Moving Systems.  Bayonne, NJ is home of Suter's Gould Street Corporation and Zoomcopters. 

If you know anything about the Mossad and the 9-11 attacks, you most certainly know about Dominik Suter, head of Urban Moving Systems, and the five dancing Israelis who were caught videotaping the destruction of the World Trade Center while high-fiving each other.

Two days after the men were picked up by law enforcement, Suter, an Israeli national, abandoned UMS and fled the US for Israel, leaving so fast his lunch was found in his office when investigators came knocking. New York's Jewish weekly, The Forward, reported that the FBI had concluded that at least two of the five suspects were Mossad agents, and that Urban Moving Systems, which employed them, was a Mossad front. The NJ state record for Urban Moving Systems is here.

A detailed article on Mossad and 9-11 is here.

Dominik Otto Suter, (also spelled Dominick) is listed in (paid subscription version) as associated with Urban Moving Systems and an address in Weehauken, NJ. However, since this article was posted, any and all business references to Suter on PeopleFinders have been deleted. The Weehauken address was also deleted. Hmmm....

Update: The information has mysteriously (or not) reappeared. Screenshot below.  This listing also shows a Gould Street Corp. in connection with Dominik Suter. (click on to enlarge).

I was in the meantime forced to find Suter's Weehauken address on US Search (click to enlarge):
As of 9/15/09, UMS was still listed in at Suter's Weehauken address (click to enlarge):

Suter is also associated with Gould Street Corp. and an address: 73-75 Gould Street in Bayonne, NJ. According to New Jersey records, Gould Street's corporate status was revoked in 2006 for not filing an annual report for 2 years. Suter's address is listed as "undeliverable". The NJ state record for Gould Street Corporation is below (click on to enlarge):

Gould Street Corporation was started in May of 2001. Urban Moving Systems (registration below, click on to enlarge) last annual report was filed in May, 2001.

A map of 73 Gould Street (top of story) shows a large warehouse and links the address to a self-storage firm called E and W River Corp.

On the map listing for E and W is a link, "more info", which leads to websites that sell the Zoomcopter, a toy helicopter (image below - click on to enlarge)
One company that sells the Zoomcopter in addition to other products, lists Zoomcopter's contact information at

73-75 Gould Street, and a contact email for an "hktoyscorp".

Zoomcopters were the toy helicopters being sold in shopping mall kiosks by suspected Mossad spies posing as art students prior to 9-11. The "Israeli art students" were rounded up and deported soon after the tragedy.

And now the Mossad mall kiosks in the US are back in business, this time selling Dead Sea salts and other items at prices you wouldn't believe.

Can you say 9-9-9?

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mossad Agents Back in the Malls - 9-11 Profiteer Lowy Owns Malls Israelis Work In (Deja Vu All Over Again?)

Other news: Mossad still stalking malls near U.S. military bases

occupiedamerica2009 on YouTube states:

I have obtained video evidence of over 20 Israeli military agents posing undercover as kiosk workers in Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall. This is a big mall in downtown San Francisco, right in front of the Cable Car turnaround at Powell and Market and two blocks from Union Square.

The kiosk attendants are Israeli, working for Israeli Mossad front companies, and of the age where military service is mandatory in Israel. I saw at least 2 more Israeli Military that are not seen in this video. One acted like a supervisor and was dressed differently.

They are operating under several front companies.

One is Onsen cosmetics, sellling "F.A.C.T. Powder", the other is the aptly named "Seacret Spa". There are two of these Seacret spas, despite very few people buying any of this (there are actual cosmetics stores inside the mall). They do not turn a profit. I believe the other one is "Legend of the Himalayas" and the generic sounding "Nail Art."

Frank Lowy, owner of Westfield America, paid $US127 million for a 99 year lease on the retail area beneath the New York World Trade Center in May of 2001.

Lowy was a member of the Golani Brigade that carried out some of the most horrendous massacres in Palestine.

As this video points out, Fox News' Carl Cameron reported that the Israelis did the same thing before 9/11 and fled the country, and closed down the Mossad front companies after the press exposed their arrests.

The San Francisco area is entirely de-militarized.

It's the perfect false flag target to blame on Arabs. A symbol of the decadent West, a modern day Sodom and Gommorrah, which Obama will say when he bombs Iran, is a symbol of our tolerance and diversity.

We cannot allow a nuclear 9/11.

It's interesting to note that I saw several "Inside Job" 9/11 conspiracy promoters on 8/11/09 "protesting" in front of the cable car turnaround about a week ago. They had very slick signs, huge blown up photographs, alleging a WASP Illuminati conspiracy, apparently.

Literally right behind them is the mall, where there is a sleeper cell of Israeli military intelligence on U.S. soil.

Video below - Mall shots start at 4:40

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More PsyOps? - Armed "Militia" Member at Town Hall Meeting

Below - Recent Town Hall meetings across America are flashpoints for anger about proposed changes in health care.

Next video - William Kostric brings a gun to a Town Hall meeting on health care hosted by Obama and is (almost) immediately interviewed by Chris Matthews.

Anger is boiling over at Town Hall meetings across the country because of cuts in health care that are scheduled to be implemented once the plan is pushed through.

Today, William Kostric brought a very visible pistol, which was strapped to his leg, to a Town Hall meeting hosted by Obama. He also carried a sign which paraphrased Jefferson: "It's time to water the tree of liberty" (with the blood of tyrants). Update 8/21/09 - Oddly enough, this is also what Hal Turner stated when encouraging people to kill a number of judges recently -
These judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty.

The says the following about Kostric:

Kostric, who moved from Scottsdale, AZ, to New Hampshire about a year ago, was protesting down the street from the school (where the town meeting was held), on a church lot and said he had permission from the church.

The Secret Service was on it but they couldn't arrest him for anything: New Hampshire state law allows citizens to openly carry a licensed handgun.

Kostric is reportedly listed online as a "team member" of the Arizona chapter of We the People (otherwise known as, described as "the far-right group best known for joining a lawsuit challenging Obama's right to be president based on his not being a US citizen." Kostric says he moved to New Hampshire because it's a "live free or die" state --and he thought Arizona was becoming too restrictive with its gun laws.

A gay website, Lavender Liberal, goes over Kostric's MySpace page and a LinkedIn profile which lists a "William Kostrick" as an "Independent Gambling & Casinos Professional".

"His MySpace page is replete with paeans to militia groups and Randy Weaver", according to Robert Anglen, an investigative reporter...who has been nominated three times for the Pulitzer and writes for the Arizona Republic's "Watchblog".

Maybe I'm blind, but I'm finding it hard to locate these "paeans" or any "militia groups" on Kostric's MySpace. Maybe someone can look and tell us in the comments section.

On the Web site of Reason, the Libertarian magazine, someone posting under his name defends drug dealers who kill police officers who enter their homes to arrest them:

"If people can't wake up and see why it's immoral to trespass and destroy someones property, kidnap and lock them in a cage for growing a plant in their backyard then perhaps a body count is what's required for change.

"I personally feel zero sympathy for those cops. I reserve my sympathy for the victims of the nonsense they initiate."

Clicking on Kostric's name leads to another site,
Oddly, William Kostric cannot be found on major people search sites like PeopleFinders, USSearch or Whitepages dot com, even though other Kostrics can be located through these sites.

A Spokeo search on email address of We The People's head, Ed Vallejo, leads to a record of posts by Vallejo on another site, A whois lookup shows EndTheFed as registered to a Steven Muro of Studio City, California, who goes my the moniker Steven Vincent.

Vincent is listed on this page of, where he lists as his site. Other posts by Vincent can be found here. His photo is on this page, where he describes himself as a "Buddhist practicioner" and yoga / meditation teacher and is involved with Peace Is Every Step LA.

A search starting with Kostric is turning up more than a few "patriot" websites, which are now known as "militia groups".

In other news, a swastika was painted on the sign for Georgia Congressman David Scott's office. Scott is black. He stated: "We have got to make sure that the symbol of the swastika does not win, that the racial hatred that's bubbling up does not win this debate," Scott said in a telephone interview. "That's what is bubbling up with all of this. There's so much hatred out there for President (Barack) Obama."

Scott said local police were notified along with the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police, who have warned lawmakers about potential threats stemming from the increasingly emotional debate over health care reform.

In addition, Southern Poverty Law and the MSM are now spewing spin regarding a growing militia movement, this news item released conveniently a day after the Kostric affair.

SPLC print article here.

And because only a nutjob militia member would dare assert themselves at a Town Meeting on health care, border enforcement, or the Fed, ObamaCare is now well on the way to becoming more than just a bad dream.

Other news: What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us About Obamacare

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Ezekiel Option: Health Care Should Be Withheld From Disabled, Elderly

(Right) Ezekiel Emanuel's even crazier brother, Rahm, snuggles up to Pelosi

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, was appointed health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget.

In a New York Post article by Betsy McCaughey, he states that doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously, that medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those "who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens . . . An obvious example is not guaranteeing health services to patients with dementia", and explicitly defends discrimination against older patients. Emanuel also criticizes Americans for being too "enamored with technology" and is determined to reduce access to it.

The article goes on to state: Nor have most people heard about the arm-twisting, Chicago-style tactics being used to force support. In a Nov. 16, 2008, Health Care Watch column, Emanuel explained how business should be done: "Every favor to a constituency should be linked to support for the health-care reform agenda. If the automakers want a bailout, then they and their suppliers have to agree to support and lobby for the administration's health-reform effort."

In the comments section:

As an AARP member, I received a call earlier this week encouraging me to contact my legislators and "encourage them" to support this legislation.
It's clear to me that the leadership of the AARP is either demented, incompetent, or seriously in debt to this administration.

This article: Obama Healthcare Step One: Killing Off the Old, Then They Are Going After Quadriplegics mentions a NYT magazine article by Peter Singer, professor of "Bioethics", who argues for rationing care away from the elderly and disabled.

Congrats, Dr. Ezekiel and professor Singer. Mengele would have been proud.

What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us

NBC's Vaccine Propaganda Piece

Measles, at least when I went through it, was like mumps, a rite of passage in childhood.

Everybody got it, it was considered routine, you stayed home for a couple of days in bed while your parents tended to you. That was it. No big whoop. Staying in bed watching cartoons was preferable to going to school for most kids, in any case.

Law and Order, Special Victims Unit recently aired a new season episode titled "Selfish" (Season 10, Episode 19 - which can be seen on Hulu at this link

It covers the case of a young mother (Ashlee) with a missing child (Sierra). Sierra is found dead.

The long and convoluted synopsis of this nighttime soap opera is here

My much shorter one is below:

It turns out Sierra died of measles because she was never vaccinated.

Several other people were found infected with measles. One is Dennis who turns out to be Amish. Of course, the Amish would be a vector for measles, because they don't get vaccinated. Dennis claims to hang out at the local park.

Another woman named Monica, who also frequents the park, has a child infected with measles. She says she doesn't trust pharmaceutical companies.

One detective says that Monica's choice endangers the kids that are too young to be immunized.

The detectives find out that Sierra's mother, Ashlee, wants to sue the city for $100 million because Sierra got sick in a city park. Detectives go to Monica's apartment and arrest her for the murder of Sierra.
At the trial, an expert named Warner says that measles stays active an hour after the person who had it leaves a room and it is transmittable from 200 feet away.

"England had a measles outbreak because people refused to get immunized", and "it is irresponsible for people not to immunize their kids", says Warner. She also states she believes Monica is responsible for Sierra's death.

The jury finds Monica not guilty. Sierra's grandmother screams at Monica, files a civil suit against her, and later throws a brick into Monica's house.

Another of Sierra's relatives, Ralph, is found dead in Monica's apartment. Monica tells the detectives that Ralph ran into her home, screamed "You killed two people!", then shot himself.

The end.

The forum on this episode at, contains the following comments from viewers:

1) Tonight's show was all about taking away your rights, which is where this country is headed. Blaming that mothers lack of vaccinating her child for the death of the other child was a real leap.

2) She could have died from strep throat just as easily. My unvaxxed children are not going to give your kids anything! I am a medical student and I was amazed at the lies they were telling in this show. Unbelievable.

3) I can not believe this episode. I have been watching Law and Order every episode but will NEVER watch it again. I think the irresponsibility of NBC and the directors of SVU is asinine. Unless you are living with a child that has been adversely compromised by the MMR vaccine, you have no say over what I do with my children. I would never vaccinate my child if I had to do it again. NBC must have deep pockets that Big PHARMA is filling. To only provide one apparent pharmaceutical laced side of the vaccine controversy is just irresponsible, inconceivable, just plain dumb.

4) This last, pathetic, poorly-written pharma-terrorists' propaganda-ridden episode ('Selfish') aka 'Law & Order: SVU,' will be the last hour I waste on this series.

Another wonders, since the Special Victims Unit has to do with sexual crimes, "when did measles become a "sexually-based offense"?

Come on people! Why risk a murder trial? Just line up over here and roll up your sleeve. I promise this won't hurt.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The "Bear Jew" Game

A few weeks before his new WWII-era film "Inglorious Basterds" was set to hit screens in the U.S., Quentin Tarantino gave viewers the chance to swing a virtual baseball bat at the skulls of Nazi stormtroopers.

The keyboard catharsis puts the gamer in the shoes of Sgt. Donny Donowitz, sent as part of a group of eight Jewish-American G.I.s under the command of Lt. Aldo Raine (played by Brad Pitt) to launch a campaign of terror among the Third Reich by killing and scalping Nazi soldiers.

In the game, actor and filmmaker Eli Roth, who plays Donowitz in the film, lends his voice to the bat swinging protagonist, who curses and yells at his victims in a Boston accent as he swings at their foreheads.

Roth leaked the game, which he calls "The Bear Jew game" to a blog on his myspace page. In the blog, Roth said the gamer who posted the highest score would be invited to the film's premier.

What - there were only 8 Jewish GI's in the entire military? And come on, Quentin! The Nazi's were financed by Wall Street bankers.

And "Bear Jew"? What is that? Code for Bear Stearns?

Isn't it time you started chasing Mossad agents? Like this Mossad agent who helped defraud the London Stock Exchange of $600 million? Or these Mossad creeps who tried to steal the passport of a bed-ridden disabled man? Or better yet, those Mossad agents involved in 9-11?

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Fun Summer Reading - The Blackwater "John Doe" Affadavits

Part 1 covers team "Mamba" and shooting innocent civilians (with great glee, in all cases) and guns smuggled in bags of dog food.

Part 2 covers death threats against snitches, money laundering, members using "call signs" based on the Knights Templar; statements uttered to "lay Hajiis out on cardboard"; the unsuitability of the hired mercenaries and firing of mental health professionals who would not endorse them; using illegal explosive ammo made by the company Le Mas for maximum kill effect; knowingly hiring individuals involved in Kosovo sex trafficking; use of child and other prostitutes; a wife swapping ring; and illegal arms trading.

Blackwater was founded by a Navy Seal. Remember Kay Griggs' stories about the Navy Seals?

In other news:

Exploding bullets, serial murders, a plot to wipe out Muslims. What does it say about Blackwater today when the weirdest part isn't that Mary Kay Letournau is a sister of one of the mercenary corporation's top executives? (And that her south King County home is just a few miles from that of a former Blackwater guard accused of drunkenly gunning down a security officer outside the Iraqi vice-president's home?)

And what of all this? Is someone mad at Blackwater? Is this outfit being outed (after all these years of wreaking havoc and killing innocent civilians) because it is run by so-called "Christians"? Is this the end of Blackwater and the expansion of DynCorp?

After all, Blackwater's just-as-evil twin, DynCorp, "has been consistently winning government war-zone work from competitors like Blackwater USA and KBR that have had trouble in Iraq" and recently got a brand new gig in Afghanistan.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tim Roemer: Meat Puppet to India

Above: Former 9-11 Commissioner Tim Roemer "slips up"
during an interview about the attack on the Pentagon.

Tim Roemer, former Indiana Congressman, 9-11 Commissioner, and original sponsor of the legislation to create the Department of Homeland Security was recently appointed by Obama as the newest US Ambassador to India.

A few years ago, I bought a video of a lecture given by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien. They spoke of Cathy's experience as a victim of the government-sponsored MK Ultra mind-control program.

In the video, Phillips stated that, in his opinion, Tim Roemer is a mind-controlled operative.

Tim Roemer is the son-in-law of J.Bennett Johnston Jr., who served as a U.S. Senator from Louisiana from 1972 to 1997. Johnston is mentioned heavily in O'Brien's book Trance Formation of America as being involved with "occult serial killer" Edward Wayne Cox of Chatham, Louisiana and with mind control in general.

I did my own "due diligence" on many of the characters mentioned in that book when I worked at a "large internet retailer dealing in information products" and was able to access buyers' accounts. There is a reason that the architects of the Patriot Act want to get into to peoples' library records: you can tell a lot about someone by the books they read.

I'm still not quite sure what to make of Mark Phillips, but I tend to believe O'Brien's detailed account based on what I was able to dig up on my own.

Even if all the above sounds a bit far-fetched (and it will to more than a few people), Roemer's father-in-law has some interesting connections.

A book by a biologist working in New Guinea, "Throwim' Way Leg" mentions "one of the largest mining companies in the world", and "one of the world's most profitable gold mines", PT Freeport Indonesia which is "based in New Orleans" and has an operation in Irian Jaya.

There's a bit of scuttlebutt on these mining operations and human rights violations at this link.

PT Freeport Indonesia is an affiliate of Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold. J. Bennett Johnston is listed as Director of Freeport-McMoRan. Henry Kissinger has been the company's main lobbyist for dealings with Indonesia.

Getting back to Roemer and India, Israel already has its hooks into the great subcontinent with arms sales, as seen in these little vids on Israel-India connections, the first one coming from the Israeli arms firm Rafael:

I don't think it's too off the mark to say that the false-flag, Chabad-connected attack on Mumbai hotels and civilians was a step leading up to some sort of future attack on Pakistan, with Israel supplying the arms.

I'm sure the Zionists can rely on Roemer to do exactly what Rahm Emanuel and others tell him to. In fact, Roemer is already getting focused on that very sensitive hot spot between Muslims and Hindus in the region, namely Kashmir.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

American Hiker Claimed to be Iranian (Updated) Hikers Started Journey Close to Midnight

Previous report at this link.

One of the three Americans in Iran custody over "illegal entry" had claimed to be an Iranian national before crossing into the country from Iraq.

A tea-house owner in Iraq's Ahmad Awa told Press TV that the Americans had stopped at his place for tea on the eve of Friday, July 31 - the that the three were arrested by Iranian security guards in Western city of Marivan.

"They arrived at 10:30 pm," the tea-house owner told Press TV, adding that “the men did not talk but the woman, speaking Syrian Arabic, asked for tea.“

"The woman was not wearing Hijab and was fair-skinned, she said that she spoke Egyptian Arabic as well," he said.

"I asked them to sit down, but the woman said they were in a hurry," added the owner. "She said she was from Mahabad and that they wanted to go to Iran. I showed them the way to Iran and they left.” The city of Mahabad, Iran is proximate to where the hikers were arrested.

(So they left to go "hiking" at 10:30 p.m. No wonder they got lost. No flashlights!)

Kurdestan province's deputy governor for political-security affairs, Iraj Hassanzadeh, had earlier announced that the three identified as Shane Bower, Sara Short and Joshua Steel, were traveling on Syrian and Iraqi visas.

In the video below at 4:12, Shon Meckfessel states that once the hikers got near the border area "they camped out that night and kept walking", in essence admitting that the hikers went through the border area late at night:

Witnesses say US Group hiked far from Kurdistan's tourist areas  8.8.2009 
By Khabat Nawzad in Ahmed Awa, Iraqi Kurdistan region

Locals question why Americans ventured alone to remote area near Iranian border. 
Ahmed Awa, Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — Three Americans believed to have been detained by Iran hiked a difficult trail to a remote border area that tourists and locals rarely visit, IWPR has been told.

Residents of Ahmed Awa, a resort village in Iraqi Kurdistan where the Americans were last seen, say the area where they are reported to have accidentally crossed over into Iran is an hours-long hike up a steep, uninhabited mountain frequented by smugglers.

Locals say few people from the area would climb the barren, rocky mountain without a guide for fear of getting lost. Off the narrow trails, landmines laid during the Iran-Iraq war remain a danger, they say.  
“The mountain isn’t good for tours and picnics,” said Mohammed Sabir, a resident of Ahmad Awa, which is about 100 kilometres east of the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah. “There were [military] barracks on the mountain in the past. No tourists go up there."

"I am from this place and I still can’t get [to the border],” said Kaiwan Nuradin Ala, a 20-year-old owner of a car park that caters to tourists in Ahmed Awa. “I have no doubt that someone has shown them the way.”

The Americans, Shane Bauer, 27, Sarah Shourd, 30, and Joshua Fattal, 27, were arrested by Iranian border security for illegally crossing into Iranian territory on July 31, United States media reported.

They had apparently travelled to Iraqi Kurdistan for a short vacation from Damascus earlier in the week and arrived in Sulaimaniyah on July 29, according to a statement by Shon Meckfessel, who journeyed with the three to Iraqi Kurdistan but did not go to Ahmed Awa because he fell ill.

Meckfessel’s statement was published on the website of The Nation, a left-leaning American magazine. Bauer, a freelance journalist, had written a story from Baghdad for The Nation in June.

Meckfessel said the four decided to visit Ahmed Awa after asking people in Sulaimaniyah for “good places to explore the mountainous terrain”. According to the statement, he believed Ahmed Awa was “far from any sort of risk” and did not know the village was near the Iranian border.

Meckfessel said that he was in regular phone contact with his friends, reporting they went to Ahmed Awa on July 30 and camped on the mountain that night. The next day at 1.30 pm, Meckfessel, who was still in a hotel in Sulaimaniyah, said Bauer called to tell him they were being taken into custody and to call the US embassy.

Iraqi border guards found the Americans’ personal possessions including a book, notebook and a blanket a few hundred metres from the Iranian border, said brigadier-general Ahmad Gharib, chief of border guards in Sulaimaniyah.

Iranian state media reported last week the Americans were arrested for illegally crossing the border, and an Iranian member of parliament said they may be charged with spying.

The Iranian government has not confirmed the arrests with Baghdad or the Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG, Falah Mustafa, the KRG’s foreign relations chief told IWPR. He said he is working with the foreign ministry in Baghdad and the Iranian consulate in Erbil to verify the whereabouts of the Americans.

The KRG and the Iraqi government enjoy good relations with both Iran and the United States. Tehran and Washington do not have diplomatic ties.

Mustafa said the KRG is communicating with the US government on the case, calling it a “humanitarian issue”.

“We want to find a resolution to this problem,” he said.

He compared the detentions to those of two US journalists sentenced to 12 years hard labour for illegally entering North Korea earlier this year. They were pardoned and returned to the United States earlier this week.

Kurds, Arabs and westerners residing in Iraq visit Ahmed Awa for its breathtaking mountain scenery, cool air and a nearby waterfall. But its remote location in eastern Iraqi Kurdistan makes Ahmed Awa less popular than more centrally-located mountain resorts.

Most visitors to Ahmed Awa do not venture past the picturesque waterfall, the area’s primary attraction. Hiking is not a popular activity in Iraqi Kurdistan, particularly in areas near the Iranian border which are pocked with land mines.

Shortly after the waterfall the mountain becomes steep and there are no roads or water sources, local people say.

Iran lies just over the crest of the mountain. Residents, many of whom have family on the other side of the border, say they avoid the mountain because trails are narrow, tricky to navigate and difficult to climb.

Land mines lie off of the trails, which were shaped by local people who graze their horses on the mountain and smugglers who carry fuel from Iran into Iraq in winter, residents say. The border is poorly demarcated, they add.

"There was barbed wire there in the past, but not any more,” said Sabir, the Ahmed Awa resident. “It is easy to cross the borders and not know it. Iranian [border] forces used to make arrests, but now not a lot of people go there and if they do they are familiar enough with the area to avoid arrest."

Ahmed Awa tourism workers say they remember the Americans but had little to do with them.

Bahman Muhsin Fayaq, said the three came into his small shop in Ahmed Awa around 3 pm searching for an item, but language barriers prevented him from understanding what they needed. People in the area speak Kurdish.

Suhaib Abbas Hama-Saeed, who owns a small teahouse on a bridge near the waterfall, reported the Americans drank tea and stood on the bridge a little after 10 pm the night before they went missing. Hama-Saeed said Shourd spoke broken Arabic.

Both Fayaq and Hama-Saeed said they do not remember the Americans carrying anything with them.

Most tourists admire the waterfall and picnic along the side of the road.

Iraqi Kurdistan's striking scenery may be appealing to westerners, but adventure travel has not taken root in this region. For Iraqi Kurds, the mountains represent the sites of past battles, not places to be explored on foot for leisure.

Some in Ahmed Awa are suspicious that the Americans were more than just innocent travellers, in part because they ventured out alone and far from tourist areas.

"Ahmad Awa is always full of foreigners and Americans,” Sabir said. “But they don’t climb the mountain.”

In US media reports, friends and family members described the three Americans as adventurers with an interest in the Middle East.

According to Meckfessel, Bauer is a language student and freelance journalist, Shroud is an English teacher in Syria, and Fattal arranges student exchange trips. On his website, Bauer reports that he is fluent in Arabic.

Meckfessel said in his statement, “I hope that people understand my friends' presence in the area for what it was: a simple and very regrettable mistake.”

The US State Department has appealed for information on the missing Americans.

An Iranian journalist in Tehran who requested anonymity said he believes the Americans will be released if the authorities determine that they mistakenly crossed the border. He speculated that their release “might ease relations” between Iran and the US.

“Iran doesn’t want to create more problems by holding the three Americans,” he said.

The night the travellers were reported missing, US helicopters flew over Ahmed Awa and the nearby town of Halabja. Checkpoints were set up and Kurdish forces searched the mountain.

Security sweeps are rare in northern Iraq, which has remained sheltered from the violence that has plagued much of the country.

KRG security and government officials say border patrols have not been beefed up since the incident but police in Khormel, the main town near Ahmed Awa, warned an IWPR reporter not to venture past the tourist area or go near the border.

Locals say Ahmed Awa is quiet now.

"I don’t think the incident will hurt tourism in the area,” said Afan Sidiq, who sells flip-flops and other items for tourists.

Khabat Nawzad is an IWPR-trained journalist based in Halabja, Iraqi Kurdistan region.
In other news:

The Iraqi regional security chief in Sulaimaniyah said the area is poorly marked and the three simply lost their bearings..."Our investigations proved there was no political or military reason for the border crossing"...said the Iraqi official, Hakim Qadir Humat Jan. "They came as tourists. Nothing about the way they were traveling points to a possibility of spying. Their financial situation was also weak - they traveled in a crowded bus and stayed at a cheap hotel - and they entered Kurdistan legally. I call on the Iranians to set them free," Jan said.
In the same report, Shourd is described as Bauer's "girlfriend".

Bauer was in the region to cover the July 25 regional elections in Iraq's self-ruled Kurdish area, according to Pacific News Service Executive Director Sandy Close, who said she does not believe he ever intended to go to neighboring Iran....he wanted to "feel out the situation (in Kurdistan) and get some ideas for deeper stories," she said. "Kurdistan is the big story in Iraq now," Bauer wrote..."I'm off to Kurdistan ... "
Another report states: Seemingly setting the stage for espionage charges, Iran's semi-official Fars news agency ran a story Tuesday claiming that the CIA and Mossad were actively operating in Iraq's Kurdish provinces and attempting to convert the populace to Christianity. Related WUFYS report here.
And: The three Americans all had attended the University of California at Berkeley.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hollyweird's Big Obsession

Even Newsweek had to admit it:
Holocaust movies have long been a Hollywood staple. At the Internet Movie Database, inputting the term "Holocaust" will produce a record of nearly 500 full-length, made-for-tv, and short movies. "Nazi" brings up over 1100 hits. The Japanese were particularly brutal to POW's in WWII and responsible for upwards of 30 million deaths in the Pacific rim, and they barely get a mention.

Five big-budget Holocaust dramas got released all at once toward the end of 2008, just in time to cover up the atrocities in Gaza by tugging at our collective heartstrings about how much the Jews suffered under the Third Reich.

Nearly all had stars that were box office draws: The Reader starring Kate Winslet (released 01/2009); Valkyrie with Tom Cruise (12/2008); The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (11/2008); Viggo Mortenson in Good (11/2008), and last but not least, heartthrob Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds (8/2008).

Hollywood keeps a ton of these tearjerker, guilt inducing propaganda pieces in the works at all times. It's standard operating procedure in the "dream factory".

Here's a small sample of not-yet-released films that will be in-your-face in the near future as the bankster-gutted economy implodes and starving, jobless Americans riot in the streets:

The Story of Irena's Vow (2009 documentary) A Polish nurse saves 12 Jews
Third on a Match (2009) Theme: WWII and mean Nazis
Grace and Danger (2009) Theme: WWII France and Nazis
L'uomo che verrà (2009) Theme: WWII Italians and Germans
Einsatzgruppen, les commandos de la mort (2009 TV documentary) Theme: Mass graves, Nazis
Franz Jaegerstaetter: A Man of Conscience (2009 documentary short)
60 Years On: From Despair to Joy (2009 documentary)
Sarah & Hayah (2009 short) Theme: Final Solution
1944 (2009 short) Theme: Nazis
Amulett (2009 short) Theme: Racism and Nazi Skinheads
Protektor (2009) A Czech journalist joins a Nazi radio station to protect his Jewish wife
The Exiles: Ivy and Maxim Litvinov (2010)
Jud Süß (2010) An actor stars in an anti-Semetic movie
Green Fields (2010)
No Way to Say Goodbye (2010 documentary) About Jews in Bolivia
Stille Nacht (2010) Story of the German POW camp in Algona, Iowa
Jedem das Seine (2010) Hungarian Jews on a death march
Mars in Aries (2010) About the Nazi Resistance
The 4th Reich (2010)
The Nazi Officer's Wife (2011)
The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million (2011)
Iron Sky (2011)
The Nazis set up a secret base on the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018.

They Saved Hitler's Brain (2011) No comment