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Monday, August 3, 2009

To Anti-Zionists: Lose the Marxist Rhetoric

It was Eustace Mullins, in an interview on TFC, who stated that there wasn't "a dime's worth of difference" between Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism and Zionism. The vilified "Red-baiting" Joseph McCarthy was an unsung hero. Bolshevism, like Nazism, was financed by a group of Wall Streeters, including Jacob Schiff. Marxism was founded by Moses Mordechai Levy (aka Marx). Communism, like the rest of the ideologies it resembles, has its roots in Talmudism.

So why is it that so many in the Anti-Zionist movement take on the mantle, and often the images, of "The People's Struggle": raised clenched fists, images of Che (who was probably, like Castro, a crypto-Jew), and the usual mess of tired, worn-out Socalist-Communist rhetoric? For an example of an honest-to-goodness leader who was neither racist, sexist, nor classist, and who stood firmly for all oppressed and suffering, do we need look any further than Jesus, the original Anti-Zionist?

FreeGaza has a wishlist of books for their book drive for Gazan universites. It is liberally dotted with Marxist or Marxist-themed tomes, or else the authors are recognized Marxists. What is it with academia and Communism? What has Karl Marx got to do with freeing Gaza anyway?

Huwaida Araf, the Board Chair of Free Gaza, is also the founder (with husband Aaron Shapiro) of the International Solidarity Movement. I don't have a problem with that outside of the fact that "international" and "solidarity" are often used together in the same sentence by the Marxists. It just bugs me.

Artist Benjamin Heine, I assume is Jewish. He is also from the looks of it, critical of Israel's warmongering. However, Marxist ideology comes side by side with pro-Palestine sentiments:

Don't get on my case about this, but I started to get tired of the news coming from Free Gaza when they started to get just a tad tiny bit maudlin and began slipping ever so subtly into the "struggle" rap.

One article on the most recent voyage of the Hope Fleet talks about "conditions resembling a horror movie" regarding the crew having to stay under guard by Israeli soldiers while sleeping on cockroach infested floors for one night. Hell, they should have seen my room in Tokyo. The critters tap danced across my back every night and all I could do was hide under the futon (and get roach traps at the store eventually).

I've been to 50 countries. I've survived all kinds of third-world living conditions, stinky, dirty toilets, sex harassment, jerky drunk tourists, creepy sex tourists, two-faced co-workers, bad water, getting gypped, ineffective prescription drugs, bugs in food, dirty mattresses and pillows, stifling heat, freezing cold, pouring monsoon rains, rats, roaches, mosquitoes, Japanese mafia, earthquakes, hurricanes, wild thunderstorms, severe airplane turbulence, dangerous wiring, leaky boats, food poisoning, dysentery, poison jellyfish, barracudas, vicious stray dogs, assaults, maniac drivers, xenophobic locals, severe sunburn, accidents, third world hospitals, menacing looking soldiers and security guards with rifles, a few attempted muggings (one by drugging) and witnessed police beating suspects.

I didn't travel like that because I wanted to. I just couldn't afford the package tour.

One night with cockroaches and menacing guards in a hot room probably isn't going to kill you. For God's sake, quit whining already. It's nothing worse than what soldiers have to deal with in Iraq.

Don't get me wrong. I am NOT condoning the actions of the Israeli government in handling the Hope Fleet. However, their behavior should be expected, not met with naive surprise. If the Israelis put the crew in the King David wing at the Dan Tel Aviv with mints on the pillows and the sheets turned down, THAT would be a surprise!

I thought the Mossad agent who made me stand for three hours at Ben Gurion airport while going through every inch of my luggage and grilling me about my visits to Arab countries stamped in my passport was pretty tiresome to the point of being brutal. She, in her indoctrinated mind, was just "doing her job". A good Israeli protecting Israel from the likes of Arab loving nuts like myself. The soldiers and bureaucrats trying to run the Hope mission out of Gaza are just seeing it their way. Don't expect to cure their brainwash anytime soon.

Obama, who once stated that the embargo on Gaza should be lifted, who is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to alleviate an illegal seizure of a peace mission, is the one who should be feeling the heat right now. Obama, the State Department, and the American Embassy in Israel. Where are they when we need them?

Getting back to Marxism, I may be getting aggravated because I went to a very PC college (same one as Rachel Corrie, who IMO, is a wonderful example of an activist) where whining about "social causes" is common. Most are students and faculty who are white, and middle or upper class. Their major struggle in life amounts to getting along with their drunken dorm mate while living eyeball to eyeball with them in a 10' X 15' room. These are exactly the kinds of loony but well-meaning people you can sell BS like Marxism to, because they are LONGING for an EXPERIENCE. And all their experiences so far have been packaged: Chuck E. Cheese, Disneyland, Club Med, MTV. Marxism looks sexy and adventurous by comparison.

I admire Cynthia and the crew of the Hope Fleet for their efforts at trying to get supplies through a brutal and inhumane blockade of Gaza. Marxist sentiment only undermines their efforts and gives ammo to anyone trying to paint them as "loony leftists".

Someone somewhere said that the Palestinians do not want to be seen as poor, trampled upon, disenfranchised waifs. They have been victimized by Zionism longer than most of us have been alive. They are a particularly resilient group, given all they have been through, and their sheer determination should be applauded. They are victims that don't wish to be viewed as victims.

And that alone is cause enough for our admiration. They need our assistance, money, and goodwill, not a load of Marxist drivel.

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