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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hollyweird's Big Obsession

Even Newsweek had to admit it:
Holocaust movies have long been a Hollywood staple. At the Internet Movie Database, inputting the term "Holocaust" will produce a record of nearly 500 full-length, made-for-tv, and short movies. "Nazi" brings up over 1100 hits. The Japanese were particularly brutal to POW's in WWII and responsible for upwards of 30 million deaths in the Pacific rim, and they barely get a mention.

Five big-budget Holocaust dramas got released all at once toward the end of 2008, just in time to cover up the atrocities in Gaza by tugging at our collective heartstrings about how much the Jews suffered under the Third Reich.

Nearly all had stars that were box office draws: The Reader starring Kate Winslet (released 01/2009); Valkyrie with Tom Cruise (12/2008); The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (11/2008); Viggo Mortenson in Good (11/2008), and last but not least, heartthrob Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds (8/2008).

Hollywood keeps a ton of these tearjerker, guilt inducing propaganda pieces in the works at all times. It's standard operating procedure in the "dream factory".

Here's a small sample of not-yet-released films that will be in-your-face in the near future as the bankster-gutted economy implodes and starving, jobless Americans riot in the streets:

The Story of Irena's Vow (2009 documentary) A Polish nurse saves 12 Jews
Third on a Match (2009) Theme: WWII and mean Nazis
Grace and Danger (2009) Theme: WWII France and Nazis
L'uomo che verrà (2009) Theme: WWII Italians and Germans
Einsatzgruppen, les commandos de la mort (2009 TV documentary) Theme: Mass graves, Nazis
Franz Jaegerstaetter: A Man of Conscience (2009 documentary short)
60 Years On: From Despair to Joy (2009 documentary)
Sarah & Hayah (2009 short) Theme: Final Solution
1944 (2009 short) Theme: Nazis
Amulett (2009 short) Theme: Racism and Nazi Skinheads
Protektor (2009) A Czech journalist joins a Nazi radio station to protect his Jewish wife
The Exiles: Ivy and Maxim Litvinov (2010)
Jud Süß (2010) An actor stars in an anti-Semetic movie
Green Fields (2010)
No Way to Say Goodbye (2010 documentary) About Jews in Bolivia
Stille Nacht (2010) Story of the German POW camp in Algona, Iowa
Jedem das Seine (2010) Hungarian Jews on a death march
Mars in Aries (2010) About the Nazi Resistance
The 4th Reich (2010)
The Nazi Officer's Wife (2011)
The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million (2011)
Iron Sky (2011)
The Nazis set up a secret base on the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018.

They Saved Hitler's Brain (2011) No comment

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