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A Dancing Israeli's Wishlist: Further Proof of Foreknowledge of the 9-11 Attacks?

When 9-11's famed Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter put together a wishlist in 1999, the theme of revenge was prominent.  The list contains only the above four books and can be seen on Amazon's website at  
In case that dissapears, a saved copy is at this link No other items have been added to date. 

To the uninitiated, Suter was the head of the Mossad front company Urban Moving Systems.

The Mossad agents ("employees") of UMS were caught celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001 as it occurred.  They jumped up and down and high fived each other while taking photos and video of the burning towers - hence they were dubbed the "Dancing Israelis".  A must read article on this incident, with documentation by the FBI is here and also here.  

Revenge is a common theme with Mr. Suter.  

In 2006, he set up a website named that included a long rant on revenge with the following graphic in the upper right hand corner:

I wrote about in 2009 - article at this link.

Aside from the revenge meme, the other odd aspect of this wishlist is the date the items were listed:  November 16, 1999.

November 16 can be broken down to 11-7, or as Europeans and Israelis would write it, "7-11".  The numbers 9, 11 and 7 and their multipliers (3, 22, etc.) appear prominently as a Kabbalistic feature of modern day terror attacks.  Two of the better known being 9-11 and the London bombings of 7-7-2005, aka "7-7-7".  

9-11-1999 is a prominent date in the Jewish calendar, marking the 6000th birthday of the biblical Adam, and noted by Rabbis as "the beginning of the Judgement of Nations" - article at this link.

The Dancing Israelis, or the "high fivers" as the FBI referred to them, attended a party for one of their Israeli friends just two months before 9-11, on 7-11-2001, location 99 7th Avenue in NYC.  Was this also a celebration of the upcoming attack on the WTC?  (source FBI documents on the Dancing Israelis, Section 1, page 11-12):

So why pick November 16th, 1999 as a date to make your cryptic "Easter egg" wishlist?  Why not July11th or November 7th?  And why 1999?

The last part of 1999 could be an upside down "666".  But there is another trick here, and that is to calculate the number of days between events.  For that you need a special calculator:

 Just a coincidence?


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9-11 and the October 19, 2001 Philly bus station bomb

In the course of gathering information on 9-11 and the Mossad characters involved, one discovers a few events that have gone under the radar.  One of these is the bomb material left at a bus station in Philadelphia, apparently checked into a locker there on September 29th, 2001.

The C4 material, about the size of a bar of soap, is not commercially available.  It was of "high military caliber" and may have been taken from a military base, according to officials.  This amount would have been enough to level the bus terminal according to law enforcement.

According to police, the material was left in the locker to be picked up at a later time.  Was the perp part of a crackdown on terrorism that saw the arrest of the famed "Dancing Israelis"?

This was not the first - in early 2001, police bomb squads in Philly were kept busy by a series of unexploded devices found in the area, according to this article.

Story follows.

Bomb material removed from bus station locker

A suitcase holding military explosives powerful enough to level a building was found yesterday at Philadelphia's Greyhound bus station.

Cops removed the bomb-making material without incident.

"If it had gone off, it would have blown up the whole terminal," said Philadelphia police spokesman Sgt. Roland Lee. "It was very disturbing because that location is heavily traveled."

Authorities said they found five ounces of C-4 explosive - which looked like and was about the size of a bar of soap - in a black, soft-sided suitcase with about 1,000 feet of detonation cord.

It had been checked in a locker at the station Sept. 29, police said. Bus station workers removed the suitcase from the locker yesterday and opened it because the time limit for the locker was long expired.

Investigators said there was no imminent threat of explosion because a detonation cap was not attached.

"My sense is that whoever put it there . . . meant to just store it for a short period of time and pick it up, and for some reason never showed up or showed up too late," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timoney.

'Strictly military stuff'

The discovery came amid heightened security around the nation's transportation hubs following the Sept. 11 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

Police and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms evacuated the terminal while bomb squad cops removed the suitcase and the building was searched. The station reopened four hours later.

Philadelphia police said they are investigating the incident along with the FBI and other federal agencies. Police also were checking fingerprints and surveillance tapes of the terminal for clues as to who checked the suitcase.

"We think we have some good forensic evidence, and there was some videotape, which was confiscated," Timoney said. "It's of poor quality, but we're trying to enhance it right now."

Explosives experts said C-4, developed for the U.S. military during the Vietnam era, usually comes in units roughly twice as large as the material found in the suitcase. Like putty, it's easy to mold and far safer to transport than less powerful dynamite.

"It's strictly military stuff" and "very dangerous," Lee said.

C-4 is not available for consumer purchase like the fuel oil and fertilizer used to make the bomb that destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Authorities have said C-4 was used in the bombing of the Navy destroyer Cole in Yemen a year ago that killed 17 sailors. That attack has been linked to Osama Bin Laden's terror network.

Explosives found in Philadelphia bus station

October 19, 2001
Police Friday found a suitcase containing C-4 plastic explosive that had been stored inside a locker at a Greyhound bus station, officials said. The bomb squad removed it, took it to police headquarters and plans to blow it up.

An FBI spokeswoman said there was no evidence linking the explosive to terrorist attacks.
Also found was 1,000 feet of military detonation cord, but no blasting cap, police said.
The amount of explosive was about the size of a bar of soap, weighing about 5 ounces, police said.

"It had the potential, obviously, of creating quite a bit of damage," said Police Commissioner John Timoney.

"Whoever put it there meant not to blow up the station, but to store it there," he told CNN. "For some reason, he never showed up or showed up too late."

The suitcase had been placed in a locker at 2:43 a.m. September 29. When it had not been claimed by October 3, a terminal worker removed it and placed it unopened in storage. After two to three weeks, abandoned luggage is opened and the contents -- typically clothes -- are given to homeless shelters. Friday morning, a worker opened the bag and saw the putty-like explosives and cord and called police. Timoney described the explosives as "high military caliber."

Agents from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are involved in the investigation, he said. "We think we have some good forensic evidence," he said, including fingerprints and fibers that will be tested for DNA.

The Secret Service has offered its expertise in enhancing a poor quality videotape that may also prove useful to investigators, he said. "Hopefully, we'll come up with something."
No letter or threat was inside the bag, police said.

Police evacuated the building at 10:30 a.m. and took the suitcase to the police academy, where it was x-rayed and examined.

The contents were confirmed late Friday afternoon to be C-4.

"I have no information about any connection to the September 11 attacks or any other terrorist activities," said FBI Special Agent Linda Vizi.

Bus service had been halted for two hours, and police evacuated buildings and closed down streets within a two-block radius of the terminal. Though Timoney said the quantity involved "could have taken the building down," an explosives expert told CNN that the amount in question could have cause significant damage, but would not have leveled the terminal.

Explosive found in Philadelphia bus station probably stolen from military, agents say

Associated Press | October 22, 2001
PHILADELPHIA -- The plastic explosive found in an abandoned suitcase inside a city bus terminal last week was probably stolen from the U.S. military, federal agents said today.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was still working to trace the explosives Monday night. Investigators have concluded that the one-third pound of C-4 and 1,000 feet of blasting cord were not sold commercially or stolen from a manufacturer.

"This batch was made some time ago, and it went to the military," ATF spokesman Darrell O'Connor said. "Hopefully, records are available that will tell us exactly where it went and how it was supposed to have been used."

The explosives, which police said were powerful enough to level the building, were discovered Friday inside an abandoned suitcase at the Greyhound terminal.

The suitcase had been placed in a public locker at the bus station on Sept. 29, then moved by workers to a storage room when it went unclaimed.

Since the discovery of the explosives, Greyhound has strengthened security measures at bus terminals nationwide.

Kristin Parsley, a spokeswoman for the Dallas-based company, said security cameras in terminals have been repositioned to cover all public-storage areas. Greyhound is also checking lockers more frequently and immediately removing unclaimed items, she said.

Public lockers at the Philadelphia terminal have been closed indefinitely. Parsley said Greyhound believes lockers in other locations are safe, and that there are no plans to remove them.

"It was an isolated incident. This is the first time that anything like this has happened," Parsley said.

About 35 cities have the type of electronic storage lockers used in the Philadelphia terminal. Another 260 bus depots have coin-operated lockers. All are self-serve, so depot managers have no control over what is placed in them.

Greyhound added extra security guards at its busier terminals after the Sept. 11 attacks, Parsley said. Each bus is now also being checked three times before and three times after each trip, rather than once by the driver, she said.

In 20 cities the company has begun screening passengers with a handheld metal detector before they board. Parsley said the program is still in a trial phase, but has been successful so far and may be expanded. 


The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident

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The $40M, Pre 9-11 Israeli Ecstasy Raid

In July of 2001, two Israelis, Israel Ashkenazi and David Roash, were found in possession of $40M in Ecstasy pills.  Both Ashkenazi and Roash were later found to have connections with Ze'ev Rosenstein, "Godfather" of the Israeli mob. It was the largest Ectasy bust in NY history. 

The reason for the bust is made clear in the article Criminal Justice - The Israeli Connection, by Carl Jones - two Israeli gangs were attempting to wipe out each other.  As a result, the Israeli National Police were contacted by Mordechai “Flaco” Cohen, son of Columbian drug lord Elias Cohen.  In exchange for testimony, some Israeli drug families will receive US citizenship and new identities.

NYPD Raid Nets 40m In Ecstasy

Narcotic cops raiding a swank lower Manhattan apartment found $40 million worth of Ecstasy - believed to the largest seizure of the drug ever in the city, authorities said yesterday.

During the Tuesday night raid, cops netted 1 million pills - and arrested David Roash, 25, and Israel Ashkenazi, 27, two Israeli nationals who recently rented an apartment overlooking Battery Park, Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said.

Roash and Ashkenazi, both of Tel Aviv, were described as the kingpins of a distribution ring that supplied Ecstasy to sellers around the metropolitan area.

Their brand was allegedly sold under names such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Superman, and was produced in Europe, possibly Amsterdam, a law enforcement source said.

Huge Ecstasy Bust

(AP)  Police raided an apartment and found 450 pounds of Ecstasy pills worth $40 million, the largest seizure of the popular club drug in the city's history, officials said.Police seized more than one million pills and found $187,000 in cash in the Tuesday night raid.

They were led to the apartment by a drug investigation that focused on two men identified as Israelis - David Roash, 28, and Israel Ashkenazi, 25. One of the men was staying at the apartment.

Roash and Ashkenazi were suppliers who gave dealers about 100,000 pills to sell at a time, Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said Wednesday. Ecstasy pills are sold for $20 to $40 per pill.

The two suspects were arrested and charged with a variety of drug offenses, and could face up to life in prison if convicted.
Israeli 'godfather' caught in ecstasy dragnet  

November 9th, 2004  The reputed "godfather" of the Israeli mob was arrested in Tel Aviv today on a criminal complaint from Miami accusing him of trafficking in the illegal club drug ecstasy, federal authorities said.

Ze'ev Rosenstein, 51, who surrounds himself with bodyguards and travels in an armored limousine, was taken into custody as he left a hotel in Tel Aviv.

His arrest was touted at news conferences in Israel and the United States, where law enforcement officials said they had caught one of the most wanted drug traffickers in the world.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration says Rosenstein is a dominant force in the international ecstasy market. The US Department of Justice considers him a priority organised crime target.

Rosenstein is accused of masterminding the sale of 700,000 ecstasy tablets in 2001. The ecstasy, along with $US 187,000 in cash, was seized during a raid that July at an apartment building in Manhattan.

Rosenstein's lawyer said the charges surprised him. "I am hopeful it will be disproved," Benny Nahiri told the Associated Press in Israel.

Extraditing Rosenstein from Israel could take several months, US Attorney Marcos Daniel Jimenez said.

The three-year investigation received a boost from unprecedented cooperation between law enforcement agencies in Israel and the United States, officials from both countries said.

It was stepped up after a December bombing intended for Rosenstein killed three passersby and injured 18 in Tel Aviv's business district.

Rosenstein, who has survived seven previous attempts on his life involving bullets, bombs and a shoulder-launched missile, escaped with minor cuts.

Brigaider-General Simon Perry of the Israel National Police described Rosenstein as one of the most infamous men in his country.

"He's a major criminal in Israel," Perry, who works out of Israel's embassy in Washington, said at the news conference in Miami. "Every Israeli knows Rosenstein is at the top of the list."

In Israel, Rosenstein reportedly rubbed elbows with a-listers from the worlds of politics, sports and the party circuit, becoming a celebrity in his own right. His son's lavish wedding was highly publicized and attended by Israel's glitterati.

After the bombing, Moshe Misrahi, the brother of one of the victims, complained bitterly to the Jerusalem Post: "They've turned him into a hero.

"When I see how they take his picture and write about him all over the place, and even show his son's wedding on television, I feel like this country has gone to the dogs."

The bombing compelled Israeli police, who often refer to Rosenstein as "Public Enemy No 1," to announce a crackdown on gangland crime.

Since the late 1990s, Israeli-led crime groups have controlled ecstasy trafficking from Western Europe to the United States.

In 2001, the Israel National Police began sharing leads and other information with the DEA and law enforcement agencies across Europe.

US Attorney General John Ashcroft called the cooperation that led to Rosenstein's arrest "a significant step forward" in combating crime that crosses international borders.

A 2002 Miami drug case involving the sale of 65,000 ecstasy tablets for $US393,000 ($519,290) led agents and police to Rosenstein, according to court documents.

According to an affidavit by DEA agent Robert Deak, the ecstasy was offered for sale to an undercover informant who worked for Miami-Dade County police and the DEA.

When it became difficult to get the drugs to Miami, arrangements were made to pick up the ecstasy in New York. New York police tailed a courier and raided the apartment, seizing the cash and the stash and arresting two men, including Israel Ashkenazi.

Also known as "Sharp", Ashkenazi was indicted in Miami, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 35 months in federal prison.

The DEA informant arranged the deal through Mordechai "Flaco" Cohen, a 29-year-old Israeli who lived in Spain, according to the affidavit. Cohen was indicted in Miami, pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate in hopes of reducing a possible 20-year sentence.

Cohen, now serving 87 months, told authorities he was introduced over the telephone to Rosenstein by a top "lieutenant", Shemtov Michtavi. Michtavi, 52, was convicted by a federal jury in Miami in September and is scheduled to be sentenced on November 19.
According to the affidavit, Cohen said Rosenstein told him he was behind the deal. After the drugs were seized, he said, Rosenstein called and said he needed to know what happened because "the person who was supposed to pick up the pills must have been in law enforcement."

Following the raid, court documents said, Israeli police passed on information that Rosenstein had been involved in supplying the seized drugs.

The following quotes are excerpts from the article Criminal Justice - The Israeli Connection

Mordechai “Flaco” Cohen. Cohen, who grew up in Colombia and moved to Madrid in 2001, is the son of Elias Cohen, an alleged drug lord in Colombia...

Michtavi’s defense lawyer at trial, Bruce Lehr of Lehr & Gasalla in Miami, said in an interview earlier this month that he had not yet talked to his client but was “sure he will be thrilled” with the 11th Circuit ruling. Ira N. Loewy, a partner at Bierman Shohat & Loewy in Miami, handled the appeal...

Two months before the Manhattan bust, Michtavi and Cohen met at Cohen’s home in Madrid to discuss a contract murder...

Michtavi testified that Cohen said his father, Elias Cohen, had ordered two Colombian brothers to kill Rosenstein and Michtavi at the direction of a rival Israeli crime syndicate, the Alperon family. According to Michtavi, Cohen said he could intervene and stop the hits if Michtavi and Rosenstein gave him money to pay off the Colombian hit men. Michtavi said he and Rosenstein arranged for a series of payments to be made to Cohen to save their lives. 

In contrast, Cohen testified that Michtavi asked him to hire the two Colombian hit men to kill members of the rival Alperon family. Cohen said that is when he decided to begin working with the Israeli National Police...

According to news accounts, the Israeli government agreed to extradite Rosenstein only if the United States agreed to allow him to serve any prison sentence in Israel. Rosenstein is being held under 24-hour video surveillance in an Israeli prison. He sits in the same cell that once held the man who assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 10 years ago.

Authorities said the drugs had been made in Amsterdam, while deals were sealed in Israel. That information led to the sweep and the discovery of some 1.6 million Ecstasy pills in Germany...

The Dadush brothers were convicted in April 2004 in Israel for financing drug buys and arranging the deals. The Jerusalem Post reported last November that they and their families were flown to the United States from Israel — where they were serving 18 years for their roles in the drug ring. According to the article, both men and their families will enter federal protective custody and receive new identities and U.S. citizenship in exchange for their testimony.



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A 9-11 and Mossad-connected Israeli you've never heard of - Uzi Bohadana

On September 11, 2001, a former Israeli soldier, 24 year old Uzi Bohadana, was in the Jackson, Mississippi area.  Three days later he was detained by the local authorities while moving items from a storage unit to a van, ostensibly to help his brother-in-law.

Bohadana, along with many others, had been caught up in the biggest dragnet in U.S. history, a "crackdown on terrorism" in the wake of 9-11, directed by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

One of Bohadana's attorneys is an immigrant rights advocate whose last name is ironically, Ice. Attorney (Patricia) Ice said Bohadana had been in the country for less than six months on a tourist visa. Harry E. Moran, of the Immigration and Naturalization Service's state office at the time, recalled that the visa had expired at the time of Bohadana's arrest.

Look up Uzi Bohadana on any run of the mill people search engine (like and this comes up.  Does that 3rd address look familiar?:

If it does it's because 701 S. 21st Avenue in Hollywood, Florida is the location of the building rented in 2000-2001 by Mossad team leader Hanan Serfaty (sometimes spelled Serfati) as reported by Germany's Die Zeit in the article "Next Door to Mohammed Atta".  

During 2001, officials at the Drug Enforcement Administration began assembling a report on activities of Israeli "art students" selling cheap looking paintings door-to-door, appearing frequently at the homes and offices of DEA and other government agency officials.  Serfaty appears in the report as a "team leader" of the so-called art students, along with the names of dozens of other Israeli nationals.  The html version of the report is at this link; the PDF version is here. 

In a 2009 article on titled "Art Students in WTC Connected to Israeli Intelligence Service",  author Jonathan Elinoff writes: 

Hanan Serfaty was arrested by DEA agents in connection to the Israeli spy ring. 

What makes him stand out, is that he was listed as being an art student who was part of the World Views program, which was in the World Trade Center on floors 90 and 91 in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council...

(ed. correction on above - Serfaty was NOT part of the World Views Program, as stated by Elinoff - all participants are found at this link The following Elinoff quotes are backed up by the DEA report, including Serfaty's bank activity and proximity to Mohammed Atta).

Hanan was an “art student” who was a former Israeli military intelligence officer who rented two Hollywood apartments close to the mail drop and apartment of Mohammed Atta and four other hijackers. 

Serfaty was moving large amounts of cash: he carried bank slips showing more than $100,000 deposited from December 2000 through the first quarter of 2001; other bank slips showed withdrawals for about $80,000 during the same period. Serfaty’s apartments, serving as crash pads for at least two other “art students”, were located at 4220 Sheridan Street and 701 South 21st Avenue. Lead hijacker Mohammed Atta’s mail drop was at 3389 Sheridan Street–approximately 2,700 feet from Serfaty’s Sheridan Street apartment. Both Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, the suicide pilot on United Airlines Flight 175, which smashed into World Trade Center 2, lived in a rented apartment at 1818 Jackson Street, some 1,800 feet from Serfaty’s South 21st Avenue apartment. 

Uzi Bohadana was in the news in the past year because of an attack he suffered while in detention in 2001 in a Mississippi jail.  Inmates at the jail had beaten him and in the process, broke his jaw.  The beating took place after Bohadana allegedly made derogatory comments about the U.S., according to the Madison County Sheriff's department.

From "The Day", New London, CT 12-10-2001
According to a 2011 LA Times piece, Federal immigration officials brought the injured Bohadana to the office of Rodney Hunt, M.D.  Hunt said he later learned from news reports that the man was an "Israeli Muslim" who had "overstayed his visa and had been in our country illegally for 2 1/2 years" which spurred him to organize the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, or MFIRE.   According to two of his attorneys at the time, Bohadana was Jewish, not Muslim.

One hundred twenty miles south of Madison County, in the Stone County Correctional Facility in Wiggins, Mississippi, Pakistani student Hasnain Javed was being held on similar charges of visa violations.  Detained a few days after Bohadana's arrest, he also suffered assaults by prison inmates after he supposedly made derogatory statements about the US, according to the Stone County Sheriff's department, an accusation which Javed, like Bohadana, denies. Both Bohadana and Javed got a mention in the August 2002 edition of the journal Human Rights Watch

In the FBI files on the Mossadnik "Dancing Israelis", it was reported by more than one employee of Israeli owned Urban Moving Systems that snide remarks concerning the US were common among the Israelis working there:

Had Bohadana made remarks that led to a jailhouse altercation, or was he simply a victim of the then 9-11 fueled anti-Middle Eastern zeitgeist?  Was he really helping a relative move, or was he preparing to leave for Israel, mission accomplished?  For now, all information on Bohadana's arrest and detention is in books, and articles such as this one by the UN High Commission on Refugees:
  • On September 14, 2001, the FBI arrested Uzi Bohadana, a twenty-four-year-old Jewish Israeli, in Jackson, Mississippi. The INS charged him with an immigration violation for working while on a tourist visa.
Bohadana said that on September 16 he was beaten by six accused or convicted criminals who were his cellmates at the Madison County Jail in Canton, Mississippi. He told Human Rights Watch that he was taken to a hospital after the attack, where he received stitches on his eye and lip, but he could not have surgery on his broken jaw because the hospital did not have the capabilities.

The next day, he was taken to an INS office and interrogated by the FBI and the INS for one and a half hours while injured. Bohadana asserted that at the time of the interrogation he could hardly talk and was dizzy because of the painkillers he had been given. He said that he was informed of his right to contact a lawyer and the consulate of Israel, but he claimed that the agents told him that "if he talked it'd be quicker." He said he was in pain and agreed to talk without a lawyer. He was asked about the jail assault he had suffered and about the September 11 attacks.

Bohadana was later transferred to Concordia Parish Jail in Ferriday, Louisiana where the FBI interrogated him twice and the INS once. He said that at the first FBI interrogation there he was "overwhelmed with drugs," and could not answer the questions. The agents stopped the interrogation after ten minutes. Bohadana said that the day of his second interrogation jail staff told him that the FBI had ordered that he not be given any medication until after the questioning, so he was in pain all morning. That interrogation lasted for about two hours, during which he was asked about the terrorist attacks. Bohadana said he was not told he had the right to a lawyer during the interrogations at this facility, and he did not ask for one. He told Human Rights Watch that he did not need an attorney because he was innocent and had nothing to hide. Bohadana was released on bond on October 5, 2001.

Was Bohadana, like the "Dancing Israelis", in possession of a return ticket to Tel Aviv, dated just after 9-11-2001?  Was he questioned by the FBI, as he claims, under duress?  Did he really refuse to have an attorney present?  We may not know until he drops dead.  That is because official details on the Bohadana arrest are not readily available.  

The Madison County Sheriff's Department no longer has any records as the case was handed over to the FBI and INS. The FBI will not release any information on Uzi Bohadana's arrest due to privacy concerns (letter at this link). The INS has since merged with the Department of Homeland Security.  A call to DHS in Jackson, Misisissippi went nowhere:  a befuddled staffer there did not know where to send me, as the INS had not transferred its old records to DHS.  

And so it goes - another Mossad linked Israeli becomes a footnote in the "war on terror"; a prima facie study (if it's all true) on how not to treat a detainee, while any of Bohadana's connections to 9-11 slip down the memory hole.  

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The Mossad and the Egypt Air flight 990 tragedy

London, Apr 04, 2001
(Islamic Observation Centre/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX)

On November 7th 1999, Egypt Air Flight 990 bound for Cairo 'mysteriously' plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, about 60 miles south of the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, killing all 217 people aboard. The Boeing 767-300ER exploded at 11,000 feet after 40 minutes of its take-off from Kennedy International Airport in New York. Controversy surrounds the crash to this day, but here is an interesting "series" of events or "coincidences", according to crash investigators:

1. There were 34 officers of different ranks from the Egyptian Armed Forces on board the plane. Among them was a general who has a Doctorate in atomic sciences, and more than 20 pilots who successfully completed training in operating Apache helicopters that were sold recently to Egypt. Also on board were other generals who successfully completed training in launching the famous American Patriot missiles. The training of all those generals lasted 3 years and has cost Egypt $3 billion, which Egypt paid in full.

2. Israel vehemently denounced the training program of those officers upon their arrival in the US 3 years ago, and Israel called the training program "a threat to Israel's security".

3. Israel started a campaign accusing Egypt of seeking to modernize its armed forces, and of possessing missiles that threaten the security of Israel, especially so because the army generals who came to train in the US will be exposed to the secrets of the joint American-Israeli missiles and jet fighters technology.

4. Egyptian defense minister, Mohammed Hassan Tantawi, announced last October that war with Israel is not ruled out. He also announced that Egypt therefore is continuously building its armed forces to be in a state of readiness.

5. One day before the tragedy, the American authorities provided hotel accommodation in a 3-star hotel for the airplane crew, which constitutes a violation of the simplest norms of international aviation, where the crew is usually accommodated in the airport hotel or in a 5-star hotel.

6. On the same day, a crew of pilots and flight attendants of Israel's airline (El Al) checked in the same hotel with a general from the Israeli Intelligence (Mossad) who was in charge of the crew's luggage and personal belongings.

7. Just a few hours prior to the incident, one of the Egypt Air flight crew complained to the hotel security that someone has sneaked into his room, because he noticed signs of someone's attempt to open his suitcase by breaking the locks. But the hotel security assured him of no foul play as long as nothing was missing.

8. The day of the incident, Edward Mcglauglen, an American Jew, who is a vice president of an American civil agency, was one of the passengers of Egypt flight from Los Angeles to New York City in route to Cairo. But when the plane landed in New York City, Mcglauglen refused to continue his journey to his final destination (Cairo) for fear of possible "planting of a bomb" by "one of the passengers" at its first stop (New York City).

9. The same day of the incident, the American authorities opted to take the flight crew's luggage from the hotel through the halls to the plane itself. Meanwhile the Mossad general opted to take the luggage of the crew of El Al flight to the Israeli plane himself. But the luggage of the crews of both Egypt Air and Al A'al ended up being taken from the hotel to the airport in the same car that took the Mossad officer to the Israeli plane.

10. Prior to the Egypt Air flight departure, the American authorities have inspected the plane for 3 hours, which is a very unusually long time in aviation norms. Also it has been reported that airport security have not given similar attention to any other plane that day.

11. After 40 minutes of the flight's departure, contact with the plane was lost over the Edward American naval base, which is known to have anti-aircraft missiles, some of which are ready to be launched automatically by the mere sensing of an object passing over at a certain elevation.

12. After the incident, 3 eyewitnesses testified to the investigators that they saw the plane on fire as it was falling down. Fox News also has confirmed in its own investigation of the incident that the plane had exploded in mid air before its fall according to what was seen on the radar screens.

13. The American investigation team reported that the plane fell down from 33,000 feet to 19,000 feet in 40 seconds, "which, according to aviation experts, is a speed equal to a free fall due to earth gravity, which makes it evident that the plane has fallen down in pieces and not as one body. Because the body of the plane is designed in a way that makes it impossible for the body of the plane to descend at a speed in access of 7,000 feet per second". Aviation experts also add that "even if the engines of the plane stopped working, it would still be possible to land the plane at the nearest airport".

14. After 10 hours of the incident, a member of the American investigation team announced that they have found the "black box" that records the secrets of the events in the "last moments" just before the plane's fall. However, the next day, the American official spokesman denied finding the "box" and said that the investigation team is still searching for it!

15. There were 34 officers from the Egyptian army on board the plane, which is a violation of Egyptian army rules that prohibit more than 3 officers to be on board the same flight, domestic or international, for security of the officers. This decision was reached in 1978 after the downing in the Western Sahara of the flight that had Ahmad Badawi on board (in which 12 generals have died). At that time the fingers pointed to "the Israeli enemy" and the American intelligence.

Islamic Party of Britain Islamic Observation Centre Egyptair Flight 990 - 31 OCT 1999 Relevant parts of the Air traffic control transcript regarding the October 31, 1999 crash of an Egyptair Boeing 767 (Flight 990) off Nantucket, USA. - 06.51h - 07.00h UTC Accident details: 1999 database

Source: FAA Islamic Observation Centre


Found at eLibrary under title: EGYPT AIR FLIGHT 990 Africa News Service. 04 Apr. 2001

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Alternative News From 1966 - Synagogues Thriving, Churches Dying in the USSR

Curtis Dickinson was author of the newsletter The Witness from 1963 to 2004.  Dickinson was a rare entity, an anti-Zionist preacher from Kansas (later moving to Texas), whose monthly 2-page sermon and alternative news sheet was mailed free to thousands of subscribers in the US and elsewhere.  The first page consisted of theology, the second section, titled "Panorama" consisted of news clippings from other alternative media, many mailed in by like-minded readers.  This early 'zine was well known in conservative and anti-Israel circles.

All issues of The Witness are now archived online at

The following items have been cherry picked from the 1966 newsletters.  They include Hannah Arendt's remarks on the Rothschilds, how a CBS producer pushed porno in a documentary on Vietnam, a report on Communist favoritism toward synagogue worshipers, and the Soviet-created, Africa-marketed "True Bible".

April 1966
October 1966
October 1966

November 1966

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Is Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Jewish? What I discovered was more interesting than that.

Don't get me wrong.  I live in a red/blue state, and could care less about party politics.  My views on elections are at best, cynical.  In fact, if you want to see a close approximation of my own views, watch this George Carlin performance.  My interest in Obama's background is nothing more than sheer curiosity.

There have been rumors that President Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was Jewish, though the proof of that rumor tends to be vague and fuzzy - she "acted" Jewish seems to be the gist of it.

Obama does havc some Jewish connections in his family.  Barack Obama Sr. married a Jewish woman named Ruth Nidesand and had two children by her.  One still living is Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, an internet consultant who resides in China.

First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama has a cousin, Chicago resident Capers Funnye, the most prominent black Rabbi in the US. A Jewish convert, Funnye has been involved with another group of black converts in Uganda.  An organization supporting the 300 or so remaining Ugandan Jews operates from the University of Chicago.

Stanley Ann Dunham went to school in the Seattle area, first to Eckstein Junior High (aka Eckstein Middle School), then Mercer Island High School.  Because I'm in the area, I thought I might be able to track down clues to her alleged Jewishness.  To do that, I had to track down Jewish Seattle.

In the 1980's, there was a comedy competition in Seattle. One of the contestants, a Jewish woman from New York, told the following joke:

"Seattle is the only city in the US where you can order pastrami on white with mayo, and still maintain your ethnic identity."

In the packed theater where the competition was held, you could hear a pin drop.  None of the locals got it.

One writer laments:

"In Seattle, people tell me over and over that I'm the only Jew they know, which constantly amazes me. But, again, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. The other night I was talking with a friend who said that before he temporarily left this city, at the age of 18, to attend college on the East Coast, he didn't know what a Jew was. Even more astounding: The number of Seattleites who know I'm Jewish and yet ask me, year after year, what I'm doing for Christmas...

There continues to be a basic and widespread ignorance in this city about some of the fundamental tenets of Judaism, an ignorance that is no doubt linked to the low number of Jews in this area, but one that continually leads to awkward encounters, annoying conversations, and embarrassingly ham-handed actions from public officials...

In Seattle, I haven't experienced anti-Semitism in the classic sense of being called a "kike" or checked for horns beneath my hair...But I do frequently find myself in social situations where people say amazingly stupid things about me, or Jews in general."

What a whiner.

My family arrived in Seattle in the 70's.  My father was deceased.  My mother was a blue-eyed WASP with British ancestry in the US dating back to the Revolution. Because of my father's Italian surname, we often got asked the following:

1)  What do you know about the Mafia?
2)  Why don't you live in "garlic gulch"?

Garlic gulch is the Rainier Valley area of Seattle, once populated by Italian market farmers until they got displaced by blacks, who were later displaced by Asians.  I know an old Italian-American from the garlic gulch days.  His surname ends in a y (it used to be an i).  When I asked him about it, he said when his family moved here, they were told to change their name, "or else there'd be trouble."

When I enrolled at a local university I got assigned to the Chicano floor of one of the dorms, replete with La Raza style murals.  My roomate, another resident with a vowel on the end of their name, was an Israeli-American. Armenians, Italians, Iranians, Albanians; Seattle lumps them all in one pile.  The clincher was when I got thoroughly searched at the airport because I fit a profile for a drug mule.  The profile turned out to be female + Hispanic + extensive travel record.

BTW, I look nothing like a Chicano.  When I'm overseas, Europeans think I'm French.  Turks think I'm Finnish.  Brits think I'm German.

But enough about me already.  Back to Jewish Seattle:

"From the beginning, Jews here were part of the business and political elite. One of the first territorial governors in Washington, Edward S. Salomon, was Jewish. Seattle's sixth mayor, Bailey Gatzert, was a Jew from Mississippi (by way of Germany) who'd first been drawn to California by the gold rush, and then up to Seattle by his marriage into a family of West Coast Jewish merchants. He spoke English with a southern drawl, served as a Seattle City Council member for several terms, and when he died, in 1893, received an obituary in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that began: "The history of Seattle can never be told without telling much of the life of Bailey Gatzert." 

When, in 1897, the steamer Portland landed at the Seattle waterfront bearing more than a ton of gold from Alaska and setting off the Northwest gold rush that would put Seattle on the map, the ship docked at a place named Schwabacher Warf. 

And as Seattle subsequently boomed into a frontier town where eager prospectors bought equipment and passage to the Klondike gold fields, Jewish merchants often became richer than the prospectors themselves, selling pre-made packs of supplies and equipment designed to last a man a year in the Klondike. At Cooper & Levy Pioneer Outfitters, located at First Avenue and Yesler Way in what is now Pioneer Square (and what was then a neighborhood filled with actual pioneers), the packs of equipment were stacked along the sidewalk and sold, 24 hours a day, for $1,000 each...

Ferdinand Toklas, cofounder of Washington's first department store, was the father of Alice B. Toklas, the writer and partner of Gertrude Stein...To this day, though many prominent Seattle Jews are major benefactors to the arts (the Benaroyas, for example), this city's best-known Jews remain, as in the pioneer period, businessmen: Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Jeff Brotman of Costco, the downtown developer Martin Selig."

Hey, let's not forget Joe Diamond, the parking lot king.  Or Kenny G.  Or that Jimi Hendrix's first performance was in the basement of Seattle's Temple de Hirsch.  Or how about beloved 70's talk show fixture Rabbi Raphael Levine?

1956 - Dunhams in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood

1957 - Dunhams move to Mercer Island

According to one local Jewish organization, most of the Jewish population in Seattle lives east of I-5, the freeway that splits the city in two.

When the Dunhams first moved to Seattle in 1955, they rented an apartment in the Columbia City neighborhood.   There are no records of the address.  Columbia City is adjacent to the  Seward Park area, one of the largest Sephardic communities in the US, and at the time of the Dunhams residence, one of the more Jewish areas of the city.  However, this doesn't prove anything.  

By 1956 the Dunhams moved to the Wedgwood neighborhood, where Stanley Ann briefly attended Eckstein Junior High.  The directories from 1957 indicate they moved to Mercer Island, apparently so Stanley Ann could attend the local, newly built high school. 

Both Wedgwood and Mercer Island became heavily Jewish, but only long after the Dunhams had left.  Wedgwood now boasts of at least three synagogues and a Chabad Lubavitch shul, and Mercer Island, home to conservative radio talk show host Rabbi Daniel Lapin, has been known as a heavily Jewish area at least since the 1970's.  As for proof of Stanley Ann's heritage, this amounts to clutching at straws. 

Seattle Polk's Directory:  Dunham
Seattle Daily Times 1959-06-14 - Stanley Sr. gets his salesman's license

Stanley Dunham Sr. worked as a salesman for Standard Grunbaum furniture, located at 2nd and Pine in Seattle.  "Standard" in Standard Grunbaum refers to the Louis Schoenfeld owned Standard furniture empire, which was sold to Grunbaum in 1958.  Still, working for a Jewish owned furniture store doesn't prove much. 

The Dunhams went to a local Unitarian church, even though Madelyn Payne Dunham was raised Methodist.  The Unitarians don't require a belief in God, and the denomination is often cited as a haven for crypto-Jews ("Jewnitarians").  Still, not solid evidence.

Madelyn and Stanley shed their Methodist and Baptist upbringing and began attending Sunday services at the East Shore Unitarian Church in nearby Bellevue.  "In the 1950s, this was sometimes known as 'the little Red church on the hill,' " said Peter Luton, the church's senior minister, referring to the effects of McCarthyism.  Chicago Tribune, March 27, 2007

When Scotland Was Jewish - page 242
Madelyn's maiden name Payne has some Jewish connections. We're getting a little warmer. But is everyone named Payne ethnically Jewish?

Faculty, 1950's, Mercer Island High School
Stanley Ann, from a Mercer Island High yearbook
Finally, the school yearbooks.  I searched local libraries, the Seattle School Archives, online sales of yearbooks, but no luck.  I called Eckstein, they had nothing.  Surely, the Mercer Island High School yearbooks had to be somewhere.  Otherwise, how would high school yearbook pictures of Stanley Ann be showing up in the media?  I hoped to find something incriminatingly Jewish regarding Stanley's "Anarchy Alley" days. So I made a call to Mercer Island High School:


Hi, I was wondering if I could come over and look at some of your yearbooks.  Do you have any from the 1950's?

Are you looking for something on President Obama's mother?


Well, don't bother coming over, because you're not going to find anything.

Why is that?

A few years ago, just before the Obama campaign got started, before most people knew who he was, someone came here and asked to look at those yearbooks.  Unfortunately, we let them.  And they took off with them and never brought the books back...and we think we know who she is, and that's all we're going to say about it." 

Wow.  I admit, I was momentarily speechless.  What had I stumbled across?  An organized conspiracy?

There are a lot of records surrounding Barack Obama that have either dissapeared or remain unreleased.  They include:

Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules (said to be lost), Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth. 

Is there really something to hide?  Or has there been  an organized scheme designed to divert peoples' attention from more important issues by having them chase red herrings? And if so, why? Why would anyone take the time to make off with a bunch of Obama family high school yearbooks? (As an update, I've found some pages of these yearbooks at a former faculty member's memorial website.)

In 2010 Obama visited Seattle, stopping in the Wedgwood area at the home of Erik and Cynnie Foss, where a "backyard chat" was held.  To add insult to injury to the memory of Stanley Ann, on the way to the Foss home his entourage and limo quickly passed Eckstein Junior High with nary an acknowledgement of the hundreds of students who had waited on the front lawn, waving and holding up signs.

In May of 2012, Obama did a fundraiser in the Madrona neighborhood, which in addition to modest homes, boasts multi million dollar estates on its Lake Washington side. Madrona is bordered on one side by Martin Luther King Way, and was until recent times considered a black neighborhood.  Keeping with the black and Jewish theme, a brunch was held at the Madrona estate of Ann and Bruce Blume.

Questions remain:  Will the mystery of Barack Obama's heritage ever be solved?  Will Barack's missing records magically reappear in a hidden vault somewhere?  Will Stanley Ann's yearbooks show up under a pile of encyclopedias at Goodwill?

Will Barry ever star in a video like this one?


Why Obama's mother was named Stanley (according to the NY Times):

Obama’s mother was named Stanley Ann Dunham not at the perverse insistence of her father, Stanley, but because her mother was taken by the sophistication of a Bette Davis character, a woman named Stanley, in the movie “In This Our Life,” which she saw while ­pregnant.  

According to the Chicago Tribune:

"I know, it's a boy's name . and no, I don't like it. I mean, would you like to be called Stanley?" Johnson recalled her saying. "But my dad wanted a boy and he got me. And the name 'Stanley' made him feel better, I guess."

The Mossad, Charlotte, NC and the Democratic National Convention - upcoming false flag?