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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recently released FBI photos, videos of the 9-11 Pentagon aftermath (and is that the word "missile" I hear?)

Two pieces of airplane debris (supposedly) from the 9-11 Pentagon attack, plus the almost perfectly circular hole left by the "airplane".  This article goes over one theory on how the hole was made.

These photos and video were released September 2011 through the FBI's online "vault" and FBI's YouTube channel. The entire FBI slide show can be seen at this link:

Below a link to a video of the Pentagon 9-11 Emergency Response, featured on the FBI YouTube channel.

Times posted below are approximate.

At 1:05 a word sounding like "missile" is uttered twice, apparently by the woman videotaping this scene. For those confused by the King's English, British (1st) and American (2nd) pronunciations of "missile" are at this link.

At 2:20 she identifies herself as a member of the media.

At 3:46 downed light pole(?)

At 7:53 several transport vehicles are seen.

At 8:42 a fire is being put out where a large chunk of the Pentagon is missing.

At 8:58 the sound dies, resuming at 9:17.

At about 10:27 the woman again says "missile".

At 11:38 both video and audio die, resuming at 11:43.

At 12:20 two men are checking something in a grassy area, at least one is carrying a camera.

At 13:23 video and audio die until end of tape at 13:32.

This video is unlisted on YouTube but can be accessed by this link:!

I attended courses in speech pathology for a year and also taught English conversation for about 10 years.  I developed good listening ability and have a certain familiarity with phonemes.

One way to prove what is being said would be to use a voice analysis software, the type that speech pathologists use.  Consonant sounds in English such as m, n, p, b, t have a distinctive pattern or "fingerprint" that would show up on a graph.  At the moment, I have no access to any relevant software. 

Additional newly released Pentagon 9-11 videos are at this link (I have not looked at most of the others - if anyone finds anything of interest, please let us know):

Any other insights are welcome, please add to comments area.


The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident


kenny said...

Some interesting footage.

I didn't see the downed light poles that was later reported.

This video needs to be re-uploaded so that it's not unlisted. All the photos need to be saved too.

Thanks for the find.

andie531 said...

You are welcome.

It's funny, but the FBI's official channel

does not list this video except thru the link in the article.

I don't know how to / can't download videos, so I am asking anyone interested to do that job of downloading-reuploading.

kenny said...

Hey andie, I went ahead and re-uploaded it just in case no one else did.

andie531 said...

Much obliged Kenny, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Aerial view 1 shows at least two exit holes. Possibly 3?

Anonymous said...

3:00 a woman says "go down this way"
3:03 a woman says "the cia" and then "be up here" and a man says "the cia?"

10:29 could be "listen" (perhaps a phone call. five seconds later the camera is taken off record).

andie531 said...

10:29 could be "listen"

Still sounds like an "m" on the front - sorry, I'm not hearing "l"