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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Dancing Israeli's Wishlist: Further Proof of Foreknowledge of the 9-11 Attacks?

When 9-11's famed Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter put together a wishlist in 1999, the theme of revenge was prominent.  The list contains only the above four books and can be seen on Amazon's website at  
In case that dissapears, a saved copy is at this link No other items have been added to date. 

To the uninitiated, Suter was the head of the Mossad front company Urban Moving Systems.

The Mossad agents ("employees") of UMS were caught celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001 as it occurred.  They jumped up and down and high fived each other while taking photos and video of the burning towers - hence they were dubbed the "Dancing Israelis".  A must read article on this incident, with documentation by the FBI is here and also here.  

Revenge is a common theme with Mr. Suter.  

In 2006, he set up a website named that included a long rant on revenge with the following graphic in the upper right hand corner:

I wrote about in 2009 - article at this link.

Aside from the revenge meme, the other odd aspect of this wishlist is the date the items were listed:  November 16, 1999.

November 16 can be broken down to 11-7, or as Europeans and Israelis would write it, "7-11".  The numbers 9, 11 and 7 and their multipliers (3, 22, etc.) appear prominently as a Kabbalistic feature of modern day terror attacks.  Two of the better known being 9-11 and the London bombings of 7-7-2005, aka "7-7-7".  

9-11-1999 is a prominent date in the Jewish calendar, marking the 6000th birthday of the biblical Adam, and noted by Rabbis as "the beginning of the Judgement of Nations" - article at this link.

The Dancing Israelis, or the "high fivers" as the FBI referred to them, attended a party for one of their Israeli friends just two months before 9-11, on 7-11-2001, location 99 7th Avenue in NYC.  Was this also a celebration of the upcoming attack on the WTC?  (source FBI documents on the Dancing Israelis, Section 1, page 11-12):

So why pick November 16th, 1999 as a date to make your cryptic "Easter egg" wishlist?  Why not July11th or November 7th?  And why 1999?

The last part of 1999 could be an upside down "666".  But there is another trick here, and that is to calculate the number of days between events.  For that you need a special calculator:

 Just a coincidence?

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