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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are the "Dancing Israelis" Plotting Revenge? And Why is (at least) One of Them Still Residing in the US?

Ed note (1/19/2014):  I attributed the webpage to Ornit Suter, because it was registered under her name.  It is more likely the work of Dominik Suter, as his contact email
" appears in the lower left corner of the site, as illustrated here:  

Apologies.  Original article below.

Right - The strange revenge rant of 9-11 Mossad "Dancing Israeli" Ornit Levinson.

This webpage, titled "Don't Get Mad - Get Even", goes into the meaning of revenge along with the message "Coming to a neighborhood near you soon".

The website,, was registered to Ornit Levinson on December 12, 2006. Levinson has (as of 2008) been buying real estate in Florida.

Ornit Levinson, a.k.a. Ornit Suter, was on the famous FBI list of 9-11 suspects, along with pal Dominik Suter, head of the fake front Urban Moving Systems in Weehauken, NJ.

Levinson's website goes into the meaning of revenge, citing Old Testament references such as "an eye for an eye", arguing that this measure was created to limit damage.

A message on the sidebar states "Coming to a neighborhood near you soon" as well as "Eyal, get in touch with me!"

A search for Ornit Levinson on PeopleFinders shows a relationship with Dominik Suter. It also lists a link with a carpet cleaning company, 1 Stop Cleaning. Levinson registered a company called Invsupport and made an application for an Ocean Transportation Intermediary License which lists another Levinson company, ASL Logistics.

Levinson has also been dealing in real estate in Palm Beach County, Florida as of 2008.

The screenshot of is here, in case the site gets altered or dissapears later. is located here as of today. The domain name record for is here, the screenshot of it is here.

The full text of is below:

get even : to get revenge
Having exacted full revenge.

Verb: get even get 'eevun
Compensate; make the score equal
- equalize, equalise [Brit]
Take revenge or even out a score
"I cannot accept the defeat--I want to get even"
- get back
Derived forms: gets even, getting even, got even

Type of: avenge, hit, rack up, retaliate, revenge, score, tally

re·venge (rĭ-vĕnj')
tr.v., -venged, -veng·ing, -veng·es.
To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult).
To seek or take vengeance for (oneself or another person); avenge.
n. The act of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs; retaliation.
Something done in vengeance; a retaliatory measure.
A desire for revenge; spite or vindictiveness.
An opportunity to retaliate, as by a return sports match after a defeat.

"If I have to fight, follow me... If I have to die, revenge me... If I have to run, kill me"
Guðrún agitates her sons, Hamðir and Sörli, to avenge their sister.Revenge (also vengeance, retribution, or vendetta) consists primarily of retaliation against a person or group in response to a perceived wrongdoing. Although many aspects of revenge resemble or echo the concept of justice, revenge usually has a more injurious than harmonious goal. The vengeful wish consists of forcing the perceived wrongdoer to suffer the same pain that they inflicted in the first place.
Ultio is the Latin word for punishment in the sense of revenge.

Revenge is a hotly-contested ethical issue in philosophy. Some feel that, at the very least, the threat of revenge is necessary to maintain a just society. In some societies, it is believed that the injury inflicted in revenge should be greater than the original one, as a punitive measure. The Old Testament philosophy of "an eye for an eye" (cf. Exodus 21:24) tried to limit the allowed damage, in order to avoid a vendetta or series of violent acts that could spiral out of control—instead of 'tenfold' vengeance, there would be a simple 'equality of suffering'. Detractors argue that revenge is a simple logical fallacy, of the same design as "two wrongs make a right." Some Christians interpret Paul's "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord" (Romans 12:19, King James Version) to mean that only God has the moral right to exact revenge. Indeed, every major religious system contains some method for the mediation of disputes and for the limitation of vengeance by imputing a sense of cosmic justice to replace the often faulty justice systems of the world of men.
Of the psychological, moral, and cultural foundation for revenge, philosopher Martha Nussbaum has written: "The primitive sense of the just—remarkably constant from several ancient cultures to modern institutions…—starts from the notion that a human life…is a vulnerable thing, a thing that can be invaded, wounded, violated by another's act in many ways. For this penetration, the only remedy that seems appropriate is a counter invasion, equally deliberate, equally grave. And to right the balance truly, the retribution must be exactly, strictly proportional to the original encroachment. It differs from the original act only in the sequence of time and in the fact that it is response rather than original act—a fact frequently obscured if there is a long sequence of acts and counteracts" [1].

In history
In ancient societies, in particular those with weak central justice systems, the method for deterring murder was to allow the victim's family to avenge the killing. However, if the families of the killer and victim disagreed in their moral assessment of the killing, they would most likely disagree as well in their assessment of any revenge actions which were taken, and a blood feud might ensue.
Vendettas or 'blood feuds' are sequences of acts and counter-acts motivated by revenge and carried out over long period of time

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