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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here We Go With the "Nazis" Again - Woman at Obamacare Meeting Calls Jew a Nazi

First it was Jewish Congressman Barney Frank getting offended at a remark calling Obamacare a "Nazi" plan.

Now suspected plant Pamela Pilger, wearing an IDF shirt with this logo (above left - seen at about 0:59 in the video below), shows up at a Town Hall Meeting on healthcare in Vegas and calls an Israeli man ("Samuel Blum") a "Nazi" by shouting "Heil Hitler" at him. Later on about 4 minutes into it, things get a little more civil.

She is also sporting a pair of crucifix earrings.

In the subsequent interview, the camera is strategically off the shirt logo. You can still see the earrings, however.

Israeli Ynet reportage on the "Nazi" tactic is here. According to Ynet: The public debate in the United States on health care has prompted some in opposition to Obama's initiative to evoke the image of Adolf Hitler, use of swastikas, and no small amount of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism? How? Why is calling Obama or Obamacare "Nazi" anti-Semitic?

The "Nazi" reference has been in regard to an article in the New York Post referencing Rahm Emanuel's brother Ezekiel's views on health care. Some claim these views were taken out of context.

No matter. The shit stirring has begun, and we'll probably end up, after all the dust has settled, with a plan like the old Soviet Union's.

And as far as National Health Care in Israel - guess who's paying for that. Since our man here (apparently) has dual citizenship, if he can't get it fixed here, he can always get it fixed back home. And maybe even get a Palestinian kidney in the process. Such a deal!

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