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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Suter's Back in Town - 9-11's Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter is Alive and Well and Living in New Jersey? (with updates)

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7 years after 9-11, Dominik Suter of "Dancing Israelis" fame, leader of the Israelis who were caught videotaping and celebrating the downing of the WTC, registers a business in the city of Nanuet, NY, in April 2008.  The business, "24/7 Anyday LLC", has an address in Nanuet's Rockland Center (click on image to enlarge).  Suter and his significant other, Ornit Levinson Suter, were on the FBI'S list of 9-11 terrorist suspects.  So where is the FBI when we need them?
Allow me to preface this by stating that I am not in any way a professional investigator, nor do I work for any police organization, the FBI or other alphabet agency like the NSA.  What is shown here is public information freely available to any idiot with a $20 a month subscription to a people search engine like  The only other tools needed are an internet connection and about 10-25 minutes of patience.  In other words, a smart 8 year old could have found this stuff out.   

The first place I found Suter's new business was in a people search which yielded the address and the name of the corporation, as seen in the search results above.  The next thing was to get the actual corporation documents, as seen at the top of the post.  This costs $5 thru the NY Secretary of State's office.  Get yours before some Mossad sayanim makes it dissapear. According to business records for the State of New York, Dominik Suter registered a business called 24/7 Anyday LLC on April 16, 2008  at 119 Rockland Center, Suite 176, in Nanuet, New York.  This address is located at UPS Center maildrop.  The pictures below are courtesy of the author of the following site - it was found that six internet spam companies operate from this same address.

 As published in an earlier post, Dominik Suter's significant other, Ornit Levinson Suter, has been buying real estate around Palm Beach, Florida.  I have a hard copy of the quit claim deed, which can be found online.    The quit claim deed on the 2008 Florida transaction shows Ornit's address in River Vale, NJ (sometimes spelled Rivervale - this was mistakenly spelled Riverdale in the original post - apologies).  River Vale is about a 30 minute drive from Nanuet, NY.  The 3 bedroom home in River Vale was sold in mid-2006 for close to 600K.  As of June of 2008, a web address,, was connected to the River Vale location.  It is a non-operating site as of 12/09.  

  "24 7" and the words "anyday" or "anytime" are commonly used for Israeli run front companies like locksmiths, carpet cleaners or moving companies.   24/7 Anyday in Nanuet has been listed in and as a carpet cleaning firm, and in and as a Locksmith.  The website listed in one of the directories, does not work as of today and is parked at GoDaddy:


 Call both of the above phone numbers and you get a weird recording - though now that this has been published, they'll probably have some katsa answering the phone to make it look normal.  On one call, I got a recording and a couple minutes later, a callback.  The callback number had an area code in Spring, Texas, which is a suburb of Houston.  Now I realize this is probably a cell phone and could be answered anywhere.  However, Houston has been an area with Mossad activity, as shown in the search results below: 
   Both Dominik and Ornit Suter have registered locksmith, carpet cleaning and moving companies through various states.  These are typical front operations for Israeli illegals to find work.  The infamous Urban Moving Systems was registered by Suter in New Jersey, and also operated under the name "Max Movers", according to New Jersey business registration documents.   In this video, at about 40 seconds in, you can see the front door of Urban Moving Systems in Weehauken, NJ, as seen below in a video still: 
  The sign on the door says 3-18th Street; Urban Moving Systems Inc.; Suburban Moving and Storage Inc.; Max Movers Inc.; and City Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Inc.   Except for the 1st listing, which is the address, these are all front companies founded by Suter.   Given the past history of this duo, are the companies they are setting up now just fronts?  Are they in place so some twenty-something Israeli on leave from the military can scam Americans for locksmith and moving jobs?  Or is something more ominous afoot?  And by the way, FBI.  Why aren't these two losers in Gitmo?   Related:  Fed gives grant to Urban Moving Systems

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Unknown said...

Real interesting and great find. How does something like this go on and no one raises any red flags or questions it? One of my doctors is in old tappan the town over, scary indeed.

Anonymous said...

If you google his name, up pops this Linkdin profile with moving experience in NY, etc on it. Apparently, he is in Ireland now. His profile has the 24/7 reference in its name. What do you thin?

Anonymous said...

Also, note the name of the company - Insightera. Sounded out phonetically...sounds a lot like "inside terra,or terror" I noticed your comment about 24/7 being linked as fronts to Zionist terrorism, so I found remarkable it was listed on his linkedin profile address. coincidence?