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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Dominik Suter" is threatening action

"Dominik Suter" (or someone who claims to be him) recently posted the following comment on this blog:  a spiel (bad grammar warning) from the home page of a website . According to, it was established 3-31-12. 

The same spiel is on a Wikipedia User Page for Dominiksuter. which was created on April 1, 2012.  The same user has made revisions to the Wikipedia "September 11 attacks advance-knowledge conspiracy theories" page as of April 1st, the user log showing the revisions is here.

If you have a blog that discusses the "Dancing Israelis" and their possible connection to 9-11, you too, may soon be hearing from "Dominik Suter" - or whoever this is (listen up, Justin Raimondo!).  For those unfamiliar with the story, Suter was the boss at Urban Moving Systems, where the five "Dancing Israelis" were employed.  UMS was a known Mossad front - this has been known for years.  One of the first news sources to reveal that factoid was the Jewish Daily Forward.  So sue them.  Sue the doggone FBI while you're at it too.  And Christopher Ketcham and Democracy Now! for all I care.

I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this diatribe. The poster "flew" into this blog from the EU, according to blog stats.  So for what it's worth, here are the words of "Dominik Suter" or whoever it is:

For years now, there have been individuals whom have been making up lies, bogus stories, spreading rumors about me and my family. Such lies include accusations I had involvement in the 9-11 attack on the world trade center; Allegations I was a mossad operative; others went further calling me nothing less that a mass murderer.

Numerous False, Ridicules, Hurtful and Hateful articles have been posted about me and my family by so-called 'experts', 'researches', 'concerned citizens', bloggers etc there are nothing but anonymous bullies that have nothing better to do then take pleasure in taking turns in ambushing me and my family on the web.

Some of the articles and comments to those articles include misspellings of my name, some examples: Dominick Suter, Dominic Suter,

Like any good lie, many of these lies include bits of truths, needed to make these ridicules and malicious stories 'credible' to the innocent and not so innocent readers online. Details such as my social security number, date of birth, past addresses, past businesses, places of employment etc are out there, on the net for anyone to exploit.

In the coming days and weeks, I will begin addressing these malicious acts, which their only objective is throw mud on me, my family, friends and spread hate and antisemitism.

Regards, Dominik Suter


Anonymous said...

If its actually him its an interesting tactic. Stupid, in that its only going to bring more attention to himself and Israeli involvement in 9/11 in general. But interesting. I'm guessing its not him though.

This is a great blog. Keep it up.

andie531 said...

Thanks - I assumed it wasn't - the post is a heads up to others.

Anonymous said...

I would say "Cool man, bring it on.Let's get this out in court for all the world too see." The media would not cover it, unfortunately. But I would still say "bring it on."


Anonymous said...

No, wait. I must have lapsed into the abyss of sheer insanity. I forgot for one brief moment who is in (nearly) complete control of "our" judicial system. Major mea culpa.

On 't other hand, I don' have much ... so Suter can spend his lucre suing me.


Carlos Santillan @Carlos_S01 said...

I was approached by this sucker suter in tweeter @dominik_suter

Anonymous said...

This "Dominik Suter" is a fake. Go to

And read the comments section.