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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hey Donald Trump, you moron! It wasn't Arabs. Israelis celebrated the destruction of the WTC.

Just in case you missed it, Donald, the evidence is right here in the FBI files.  Where's yours?

And didn't you know that one of the Israeli Mossad agents knew about the upcoming 911 attacks as early as 1999?  

And that a ton of evidence points to Israeli involvement in 911?

Israeli children, dressing up as the WTC attack for Purim.
That one of the celebrating Dancing Israelis got married on 9-11-2002?

That orthodox Jews consider 9-11-1999 to be the 6000th anniversary of the birth date of the mythical Adam, and the beginning of the "Judgement of Nations"?

Consider the facts, Donald.  Just consider the facts.


Fact checking Trump's claim that "thousands of Arabs" celebrated in NJ during 9-11 

German news magazine Der Spiegel:  The truth behind the "celebrating Palestinians" on 9-11


Anonymous said...

Think Trump and others "in the know" know the truth. his calling attention to story will send a lot of people to the net and a number will find the truth. think he's being shrewd. certainly hated by the jew media.

andie531 said...

Trump is a con artist an an uber Zionist. Look up his stance on Israel. Whether he knows about the dancing Israelis is neither here nor there.

If you don't play the game you don't get media coverage or even a chance to run.

Mason Gilbert said...

Trump is such a ___ing appalling idiot, just like all the partisan nitwits who mindlessly root for him no matter what. Like you, I am so THROUGH with partisanship. “Democracy” is nothing but tyranny’s all-time master stroke— keeps a critical mass of the people deluded, stupid, and enslaved all of the time. I actually voted for this a- hole too, because Hillary was clearly just going to give us more years of open warfare on Whitey, “patriarchy,” etc. She was NOT an option. Anyway, I wish I hadn’t bothered. It was the first time I’d voted for a president and almost certainly the last. Which goy PUPPET Jewdom props up to distract us makes no difference at all.
I just discovered your blog and love it! Thank you