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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hillary Clinton Said "Mishpucka"

In a clip from a C-Span video of the 2005 Roast of Rahm Emanuel, done as a charitable fund raiser for CURE, a research group on epilepsy, Hillary Clinton states her family often used the word "mishpucka".

To see the clips, at 1:31:29 (Hillary Clinton) and 1:41:10 (Rahm Emanuel) fast forward the video at the link above.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Mishpucka is Yiddish for "family" and is a term used to refer to the Jewish Mafia. The Mishpucka is well-represented in the Chicago area and Illinois, where Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama have held office. Hillary Rodham is from Park Ridge, Illinois.

Excerpt from 1:31:29 follows:

"You know, Rahm and I have been through a lot together. Now, there's a word my family always used when I was growing up to describe the relationship you have with someone who has shared triumph and hardship with you.

That's the word WE used in the Rodham household in Park Ridge, Illinois.

The word was...'mishpucka'. (laughter, sly grin from Hillary).

So, Rahm, we're lucky to have you as part of our family! Bill and I cherish you as someone who we count on and just absolutely adore."

In the clip at 1:41:10, Emanuel glosses over the other meaning of "mishpucka":

"And Hillary, I just wanna say this: you said 'mishpucka' like somebody FROM Park Ridge, so... (laughter, applause). And for all the non-Jews, 'mishpucka' is "family" or, another way...of...well, we'll just leave it at that, it's 'family'."

When Hillary made the obligatory trip to Israel to win Jewish votes back home, she went to the Palestinian-controlled city of Ramallah. There she appeared onstage with Yasser Arafat's wife, Suha, who made the charge that Israel was poisoning Palestinian women and children with toxic gas. At the end of Mrs. Arafat's speech, Hillary marched to the podium and gave Suha Arafat a big hug and kiss. The photo of the two women kissing, which was played around the world, sowed serious doubts about Hillary in the minds of many Jewish voters.

The story about Clinton's Jewish family members received extensive media coverage in August 1999, three months before the November 1999 incident with Arafat:
  • Washington Post, 8/7/99: "Her audience seemed to have little interest in the two media obsessions surrounding the first lady -- her recent remarks on her husband's infidelities, and the fact that her step-grandfather turns out to have been Jewish. (Headline in the New York Post: 'Oy Vey!')"
  • Rita Cosby, Fox News, 8/5/99: "Another surprise from the first lady. As she campaigns in New York, she tells a Jewish newspaper that her step-grandfather, Max Rosenberg, was Jewish."
  • Seth Gitell of the Jewish newspaper Forward, CNN, 8/5/99: "What we've found is that Hillary Clinton's grandmother, a woman named Della Murray, married a Russian Jewish immigrant named Max Rosenberg and had a daughter who was Hillary Clinton's half-aunt, who Hillary was in touch with until that woman died in December." 
In other news:  CBS - Hillary Has Jewish Roots
    Thanks to the original poster of this information.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hilary's maternal grandmother, Della, being married to the Jewish Rosenberg is irrelevant to her true Jewishness (or not).

    Here's some fun instead:

    "When he found out that I would be writing an article about the Erfoud region, Muhammad asked, "Did you know that Hilary Clinton is from here?" Taken aback, I looked at him in astonishment, "Hilary Clinton from here! You must be kidding!" He smiled, "Haven't you heard about her Moroccan origin?'

    Muhammad went on to explain that Hilary's grandfather, a Moroccan Jew living in Rissani, married an American woman, then immigrated to the U.S.A. He went on, "You know that Hilary visited her grandfather's home in Rissani and along with our king's sister Lalla Myriem visited the Mausoleum of Moulay Ali Chérif - forbidden to non-Muslims." He continued, "At the same time, she also visited her sister's daughter who is married to a Berber tourist guide and lives in the Atlas Mountains." I looked at Muhammad in disbelief. Was he telling the truth? I had no idea!"

    Hillary's aide Huma Abedin with whom Hillary has had a long standing 'relationship' is quite possibly a crypto-Jewess. In the past Hillary has been cited as 'pro-Arab' but when you consider the Wahhabi Saudis and other objects of her devotions, you know where her true 'affiliations' are.

    The BBC is doing some preparatory work for Hillary's POTUS upcoming electoral defeat:

    -- her Anglo inheritance under the microscope, but the picture is incomplete.