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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More PsyOps? - Armed "Militia" Member at Town Hall Meeting

Below - Recent Town Hall meetings across America are flashpoints for anger about proposed changes in health care.

Next video - William Kostric brings a gun to a Town Hall meeting on health care hosted by Obama and is (almost) immediately interviewed by Chris Matthews.

Anger is boiling over at Town Hall meetings across the country because of cuts in health care that are scheduled to be implemented once the plan is pushed through.

Today, William Kostric brought a very visible pistol, which was strapped to his leg, to a Town Hall meeting hosted by Obama. He also carried a sign which paraphrased Jefferson: "It's time to water the tree of liberty" (with the blood of tyrants). Update 8/21/09 - Oddly enough, this is also what Hal Turner stated when encouraging people to kill a number of judges recently -
These judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty.

The says the following about Kostric:

Kostric, who moved from Scottsdale, AZ, to New Hampshire about a year ago, was protesting down the street from the school (where the town meeting was held), on a church lot and said he had permission from the church.

The Secret Service was on it but they couldn't arrest him for anything: New Hampshire state law allows citizens to openly carry a licensed handgun.

Kostric is reportedly listed online as a "team member" of the Arizona chapter of We the People (otherwise known as, described as "the far-right group best known for joining a lawsuit challenging Obama's right to be president based on his not being a US citizen." Kostric says he moved to New Hampshire because it's a "live free or die" state --and he thought Arizona was becoming too restrictive with its gun laws.

A gay website, Lavender Liberal, goes over Kostric's MySpace page and a LinkedIn profile which lists a "William Kostrick" as an "Independent Gambling & Casinos Professional".

"His MySpace page is replete with paeans to militia groups and Randy Weaver", according to Robert Anglen, an investigative reporter...who has been nominated three times for the Pulitzer and writes for the Arizona Republic's "Watchblog".

Maybe I'm blind, but I'm finding it hard to locate these "paeans" or any "militia groups" on Kostric's MySpace. Maybe someone can look and tell us in the comments section.

On the Web site of Reason, the Libertarian magazine, someone posting under his name defends drug dealers who kill police officers who enter their homes to arrest them:

"If people can't wake up and see why it's immoral to trespass and destroy someones property, kidnap and lock them in a cage for growing a plant in their backyard then perhaps a body count is what's required for change.

"I personally feel zero sympathy for those cops. I reserve my sympathy for the victims of the nonsense they initiate."

Clicking on Kostric's name leads to another site,
Oddly, William Kostric cannot be found on major people search sites like PeopleFinders, USSearch or Whitepages dot com, even though other Kostrics can be located through these sites.

A Spokeo search on email address of We The People's head, Ed Vallejo, leads to a record of posts by Vallejo on another site, A whois lookup shows EndTheFed as registered to a Steven Muro of Studio City, California, who goes my the moniker Steven Vincent.

Vincent is listed on this page of, where he lists as his site. Other posts by Vincent can be found here. His photo is on this page, where he describes himself as a "Buddhist practicioner" and yoga / meditation teacher and is involved with Peace Is Every Step LA.

A search starting with Kostric is turning up more than a few "patriot" websites, which are now known as "militia groups".

In other news, a swastika was painted on the sign for Georgia Congressman David Scott's office. Scott is black. He stated: "We have got to make sure that the symbol of the swastika does not win, that the racial hatred that's bubbling up does not win this debate," Scott said in a telephone interview. "That's what is bubbling up with all of this. There's so much hatred out there for President (Barack) Obama."

Scott said local police were notified along with the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police, who have warned lawmakers about potential threats stemming from the increasingly emotional debate over health care reform.

In addition, Southern Poverty Law and the MSM are now spewing spin regarding a growing militia movement, this news item released conveniently a day after the Kostric affair.

SPLC print article here.

And because only a nutjob militia member would dare assert themselves at a Town Meeting on health care, border enforcement, or the Fed, ObamaCare is now well on the way to becoming more than just a bad dream.

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