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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NBC's Vaccine Propaganda Piece

Measles, at least when I went through it, was like mumps, a rite of passage in childhood.

Everybody got it, it was considered routine, you stayed home for a couple of days in bed while your parents tended to you. That was it. No big whoop. Staying in bed watching cartoons was preferable to going to school for most kids, in any case.

Law and Order, Special Victims Unit recently aired a new season episode titled "Selfish" (Season 10, Episode 19 - which can be seen on Hulu at this link

It covers the case of a young mother (Ashlee) with a missing child (Sierra). Sierra is found dead.

The long and convoluted synopsis of this nighttime soap opera is here

My much shorter one is below:

It turns out Sierra died of measles because she was never vaccinated.

Several other people were found infected with measles. One is Dennis who turns out to be Amish. Of course, the Amish would be a vector for measles, because they don't get vaccinated. Dennis claims to hang out at the local park.

Another woman named Monica, who also frequents the park, has a child infected with measles. She says she doesn't trust pharmaceutical companies.

One detective says that Monica's choice endangers the kids that are too young to be immunized.

The detectives find out that Sierra's mother, Ashlee, wants to sue the city for $100 million because Sierra got sick in a city park. Detectives go to Monica's apartment and arrest her for the murder of Sierra.
At the trial, an expert named Warner says that measles stays active an hour after the person who had it leaves a room and it is transmittable from 200 feet away.

"England had a measles outbreak because people refused to get immunized", and "it is irresponsible for people not to immunize their kids", says Warner. She also states she believes Monica is responsible for Sierra's death.

The jury finds Monica not guilty. Sierra's grandmother screams at Monica, files a civil suit against her, and later throws a brick into Monica's house.

Another of Sierra's relatives, Ralph, is found dead in Monica's apartment. Monica tells the detectives that Ralph ran into her home, screamed "You killed two people!", then shot himself.

The end.

The forum on this episode at, contains the following comments from viewers:

1) Tonight's show was all about taking away your rights, which is where this country is headed. Blaming that mothers lack of vaccinating her child for the death of the other child was a real leap.

2) She could have died from strep throat just as easily. My unvaxxed children are not going to give your kids anything! I am a medical student and I was amazed at the lies they were telling in this show. Unbelievable.

3) I can not believe this episode. I have been watching Law and Order every episode but will NEVER watch it again. I think the irresponsibility of NBC and the directors of SVU is asinine. Unless you are living with a child that has been adversely compromised by the MMR vaccine, you have no say over what I do with my children. I would never vaccinate my child if I had to do it again. NBC must have deep pockets that Big PHARMA is filling. To only provide one apparent pharmaceutical laced side of the vaccine controversy is just irresponsible, inconceivable, just plain dumb.

4) This last, pathetic, poorly-written pharma-terrorists' propaganda-ridden episode ('Selfish') aka 'Law & Order: SVU,' will be the last hour I waste on this series.

Another wonders, since the Special Victims Unit has to do with sexual crimes, "when did measles become a "sexually-based offense"?

Come on people! Why risk a murder trial? Just line up over here and roll up your sleeve. I promise this won't hurt.


Anonymous said...

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They also are in charge of POPULATION "CONTROL" they all* are UNDER the charge of the U.N.
(That should SCARE us all!)

andie531 said...

Go to above link to find audio by Dr. Lorraine Day ( on Len Horowitz. She doesn't have much good to say.

Sorry, can't remember which program, but all are worth listening to.

Most people have been able to dodge vaccines, what is overlooked are the routine blood thinner shots given to all hospital inpatients these days. Dennis Quaid (actor) had twins that suffered from these shots.

And chemtrails? That's the "medication" we cannot dodge.