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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bomb Was Found at Chabad in Florence, Italy (January 2009)

I went surfing for some info on Chabad and I came across this blog which is linked to (which links back to the blog). I haven't looked much into this site yet. seems to get a lot of press in the mainstream media, which makes it suspect. According to Alexa, it doesn't get much readership.

However, the blog has an entry about a bomb located in the Chabad in Florence, Italy, around the same time as the Mumbai attacks. There is another related story on the same site that states

BREAKING! Bomb At Italian Chabad Part Of Internal Jewish Community Dispute, Not Terrorism

Internal community dispute? What is it with Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbis and bombs? It seems his got no press whatsoever in the international media at the time. I have not heard about it until today.

The blog also has a link to this news item: BREAKING! Far Right Indian Politicians Want Chabad Banned From Nariman House In Mumbai

This site makes claims that the Chabad has traditionally been anti-Zionist:
Posts on Chabad's virulent anti-Zionism, which was the official position of the 5th and 6th Lubavitch rebbes, are indexed here.

One item states:
Chabad was viciously anti-Zionist until after the founding of the State of Israel.

And where are the police? They're raiding Islamic mosques for terrorists.

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