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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pimpin' It in the New Russia

(right) Romance takes a backseat to "skillz": Russian women with no prospects in sight are schooled in the ins and outs of sucking on long hard objects.

A Marie Claire article on Yulia Varra (real name Yulia V. Averyanova, a "psychoanalyst and sexologist" according to her website) says Miss Yulia (thrice divorced) is running a Geisha school for hopeful future brides. A sort of whore-school-for-desperate-Russian women-who-want-to-snag-a-rich-man.

Her rather graphic website advertises classes in "Group Sex" and "Tantric Clubs" in three major Russian cities. Trainee employees for the clubs (women between 25-35) are paid a "grant"- no indication on how long one must remain a "trainee".

According to the article, "The economy has boomed, creating a superrich ruling oligarchy and a huge class of cash-loaded entrepreneurs.
..outside the new rich elite, decent prospects remain sparse. Russian women outnumber men by more than 10 million, and many men suffer from joblessness, chronic alcoholism, and early death (male life expectancy here is 59).

Holding on to a good man long-term is an equally high-stakes matter. Divorce in Russia is easy; a powerful man can divorce his wife "in an hour," according to one local insider. Under the country's anachronistic divorce laws, husbands are generally not obliged to give their wives a penny, and they are often awarded custody of the children. "Relationships are like roulette for modern Russian women," says the insider. "They have a lot to win and everything to lose, so they can never afford to get complacent."

At her LiveJournal personal site, Miss Yulia has a gold menorah in the right hand corner of every page. Hmmm....

And considering the state of affairs that the US is falling into, with our very own (!) SUPER RICH RULING OLIGARCHY, and all the poor Joe Sixpacks who won't be able to BUY a job, it's only a matter of time until Miss Yulia branches out to the West.

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