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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Russian Crown Jewels and Angela Lansbury

In the Eustace Mullins / DBS interview dated 11/26/06 (at 49:30-50:15) Mullins states that the overthrow of Russia's Czar was solely a British operation financed by the Rothschilds.

Today, Angela Lansbury stated in New York Magazine:

My grandfather was George Lansbury, the leader of the Labour Party, and a great pacifist. While I was growing up, my father wrote a book about him, and some fellows from Scotland Yard came to the front door. Apparently my father had revealed some state secret that had to do with the Russian crown jewels. We all thought Daddy was going to jail. It was like a Noël Coward comedy.

I assume that if you want to find this passage, you might need to get the 1st edition of the book by Edgar Lansbury titled George Lansbury, My Father (


No Sale of Palestine - Is This Another Reason Czar Nicholas II and His Family Were Murdered?

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