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Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Benjamin Fulford is a Douche - Part I - The Kissinger Story

From the Fulford Blog:

The octopus is dying: 5 Kissinger associates killed; Kissinger missing-presumed dead

Five senior associates of Henry (Heinz) Kissinger were killed on December 12, 2009 and Kissinger himself has been missing since that time and is now presumed dead, according to senior intelligence sources. Furthermore, the Texas law firm Troutman Sanders, which functioned as the central nexus of the Bush/Nazi crime families financial operations, has been shut down by Interpol, according to these senior intelligence sources. The firm has been contacted but has not returned our e-mail at the time of writing this.

The heads of the Bush clan have been put under house arrest and CIA chief Panetta has been silenced, the sources say. We are also hearing President Obama and Vice-President Biden will be removed from power and replaced by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton possibly by late January. There is a lot of chaos and confusion on the ranks of the Nazis as a result of these most recent developments.

We can also independently confirm much of what heroic journalist Christopher Story wrote in his ground-breaking January 7th report.

There is much more we cannot report but the news is very, very good.

OK, 5 bucks via PayPal to the first person who can give bona fide verification on this before it hits the mainstream media (sorry I'm not rich).

Fulford has an ancestor, G.T. Fulford, who apparently made a lot of money on "patent medicine" e.g. "snake oil". Figures.

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