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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Actual police report on the "Dancing Israelis", dated 9-11-2001

Below are copies of the actual police report on 9-11's "Dancing Israelis", dated 9-11-2001. Copies may be viewed by clicking on the images and clicking again to enlarge.  The PDF file of the same report is at this link.


kenny's sideshow said...

Is there any verification that this is actually the police report?

Do you know where this came from? The only other place I've seen it is at the WUFYS blog.


andie531 said...

You can easily check this with the police department in East Rutherford. All the contact info is on the report. It costs 3 bucks (money order) from the East Rutherford PD. The report number is at the top of the page - CSRR 014157. It's public information.

andie531 said...

The original newspaper article on the incident is here: