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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alternative News From 1966 - Synagogues Thriving, Churches Dying in the USSR

Curtis Dickinson was author of the newsletter The Witness from 1963 to 2004.  Dickinson was a rare entity, an anti-Zionist preacher from Kansas (later moving to Texas), whose monthly 2-page sermon and alternative news sheet was mailed free to thousands of subscribers in the US and elsewhere.  The first page consisted of theology, the second section, titled "Panorama" consisted of news clippings from other alternative media, many mailed in by like-minded readers.  This early 'zine was well known in conservative and anti-Israel circles.

All issues of The Witness are now archived online at

The following items have been cherry picked from the 1966 newsletters.  They include Hannah Arendt's remarks on the Rothschilds, how a CBS producer pushed porno in a documentary on Vietnam, a report on Communist favoritism toward synagogue worshipers, and the Soviet-created, Africa-marketed "True Bible".

April 1966
October 1966
October 1966

November 1966


Anonymous said...

I found out about this website from reading the comments to the Dr. Sungenis visit on the MArk Dankoff show.
I thank this blogger for getting the FACTS about Urban Moving Systems.

I will have to read this story in more detail later.

Here is the link of the free copy of the article by Dr. Sungenis. It is the full article, but Culture Wars magazine has it in two parts over two magazine issues.

I commented there about my gut feeling about the whole Urban Moving Systems thing. I can give some good reasons for my gut feeling but can't seem to find anyone who will listen.

Bottom line, the Zionists were the top perpetrators of 9-11 and the whole Urban Moving Systems stories were inserted in the Hollywood movie that was 9-11 for their own reasons. In other words, having us all yell "the Mossad did it" based primarily on the UMS stories is exactly what the perps planned and wanted from us. They will be able to use that and capitalize on it.

andie531 said...

Thank you, J - I will look into that article.

Anonymous said...

I checked to see if my comment got posted and now see that I posted after the wrong article. I meant to post on one of your articles about the UMS vans.

I do not know if I would call myself a "researcher" but I have been studying and reading about 9-11 since 9-11.

Dr. Sungenis has a few things wrong and he is rather late into the 9-11 truth searching game. He is a lay Catholic apologist who, from a biblical point of view, says that the modern state of Israel is nowhere in God's prohecies for today's times. There is an audio CD that is worth a listen even for those who are not Christian or Catholic. The title of the CD is "Christian Zionism, A Modern Oxymoron." It is very informative.

Dr. Sungenis is one of those rare Catholics who speaks out against the wrong actions of Israelis, Zionists, and some Jews. Dr. E. Michael Jones has also done an excellent job of that. The main part of the Catholic Church is totally Judaized and Prostestantized and they do not think much of these two scholars. I commend Dr. S. for at least being open to posting stories about 9-11 on his website. (Dr. S. does a good job of arguing for a literal 6-day creation, something many Catholic theologins deny. If I am going to be a Christian and a Catholic, I want to know the strongest evidences for what the bible clearly says, that is, a literal 6 day creation, and Sungenis is literally the ONLY one who will supply me that information.)

I have pretty much mainly followed the research of Dr. James Fetzer and many of of his major articles about 9-11 are posted on Veterans Today. Dr. Fetzer has in the past year started focusing on the Israeli "Mossad" evidences. I think he is good for doing that, but he seems to be departing from his strong logic and fact based findings in that area of 9-11 truth than his usual strong logic and documentation of all other areas of 9-11. For example, Dr. F. said on a recent show of his (all audios posted at that the people found at the Liberty State Park were Israelis found to be dressed as Arabs. I never read that anywhere and doubt if it is verified fact. Also Dr. F. made the comment on one of his shows that the GW bridge van was loaded with explosives to blow up the bridge. (or something close to that.) That is so unlike him to make such an unfounded statement.

I find it rather amazing that so many good "researchers" throw their usual caution and carefulness to the wind on the subject of the vans. They take it all at face value and use it as their main argument to support Zionist participation and planning of 9-11.

Another area where Dr. Sungenis and Cristopher Bollyn and Mr. Dankoff go astray is about the "explosive nanothermite". Dr. F. with Mark Hightower have thourougly debunked that. (I am coming to see more clearly each day that Dr. Steven Jones, who originally did the "study" on nanothermite, is in league with the Zionists in the top levels of U.S. government in 2001 so Dr. S.Jones' whole game made have been a orchestrated deception.)

Anyway, I like the way you checked on all the vans and are trying to get verification and facts. I have many questions and comments on this subject so I hope I can find a forum that truly allows all thoughts to be expressed on this subject of the van and that likes to stick to facts.

Anonymous said...

"In other words, having us all yell "the Mossad did it" based primarily on the UMS stories is exactly what the perps planned and wanted from us."

I'm not sure if I grasp your thinking. The govt has always said it was Osama, right up until the time they "buried" him at sea. That's their story and they're sticking to it.

I don't believe the Mossad ever wanted to get caught or expected to be caught. Their actions on that day were nothing but pure chutzpah.

Ask any stranger if they've ever heard of the dancing Israelis connection to 9-11 and you'll get a complete blank stare.

Anonymous said...


In medicine, it's easy to understand the difference between treating symptoms and curing a medical condition.

Sure, when you're in pain because you've broken your wrist, you WANT to have your symptoms treated – now!

However, taking painkillers won't heal your wrist, and true healing is needed before the symptoms can disappear for good.

But when you have a problem at work, how do you approach it? Do you jump in and start treating the symptoms? Or do you stop to consider whether there's actually a deeper problem that needs your attention?

If you only fix the symptoms – what you see on the surface – the problem will almost certainly happen again... which will lead you to fix it, again, and again, and again.

9/11 is kind of like that. Why were the Jews warned to stay away? Were there planes? What hit the Pentagon? Yad yada yada....

Some people are saying that a Coup D'Etat was performed on 9/11 - and that is why we need to solve it. What about the vans? Was it the “Zionists” or was it the “Mossad”?

Some people say that a Coup D'Etat is what the JFK Assassination was - and that is why we need to solve it.

The evidence clearly shows that the Coup D'Etat was performed MUCH earlier than either of those two events.

The root problem is not "The Zionists" or the "Mossad".

The problem is the JEWS and their primary weapon: Usury.

Usury is a system and process of organized theft and enslavement that relies on one core principle: Charging interest for the use of money.

If look deeper to figure out why the problem is occurring, you can fix the underlying systems and processes that cause the problem.

How? Believe it or not - there are cognitive tools available to you that enable you to ferret out the Jew.

One of them is Root Cause Analysis.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a popular and often-used technique that helps people answer the question of why the problem occurred in the first place.

Root Cause Analysis seeks to identify the origin of a problem. It uses a specific set of steps, with associated tools, to find the primary cause of the problem, so that you can:

1. Determine what happened.
2. Determine why it happened.
3. Figure out what to do to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again.

I won't go into how to use the tools. You can go do that yourself.

But I can tell you what you're going to find.

You're going to find that the problem is the Jews. And their Bible sanctioned practice of Usury against non-Jews.

It is not just "Zionists" that are inflicting Usury on you.

It is Jewry that is doing it.

The talk of Zionisn vs Jews is a smokescreen being promoted by Jews.

They hope to deflect your attention from Jews - and their crimes.

andie531 said...

"It is Jewry that is doing it.

The talk of Zionisn vs Jews is a smokescreen being promoted by Jews.

They hope to deflect your attention from Jews - and their crimes."

Eustace Mullins stated that the Reform movement in Judaism was promoted by the Rothschilds in an effort to get around the edict in Orthodox Judaism that Jews did not have claim to a holy land until they got right with God. That's the essential difference between Orthodox (original Judaism) and Zionism, which sprung out of the Reform movement.

I don't know what your issue is with this blog. This blog is not about opinion as much as it is about documentation.

As for "Jews and their crimes" is it ALL Jews?

Not all Jews are Zionists, or even religious, and some have given up the tribal affiliation or at least have made attempts at assimilation.

One of the biggest problems we have in this country are the 40+ million Christian Zionists, who are not Jewish. And the hundreds of non Jewish Congressmen and Senators who back AIPAC and Israel.

As for usury, our biggest problem in that area has been the FED. What are you doing to change that?