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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Uri Geller: Eiffel Tower Could be the Next Target

I was doing a little digging on the annoying 11 phenomenon being discussed on another blog when I came across Israeli Uri Geller's website and his commentary on the number 11. The web page is titled "If your attention has been drawn to clocks and watches at exactly 11:11, then read the following:"

A few days ago I posted a piece about the Israeli company Nice Systems and the fact that they do security for the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

On Geller's 11:11 webpage, near the bottom, the entry "Eiffel Tower could be the next target" is listed, without any explanation except that Eiffel Tower adds up to 11 letters.  However, it does not add up to 11 when spelled in French (Tour Eiffel).

 Geller is an ex-Israeli soldier, stage magician and possible Mossad agent who was, along with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach,  a Michael Jackson advisor and so called friend.   On Geller's site, there is a memorial to Michael Jackson, along with some notes about Liz Taylor's Mossad bodyguards:

Liz Taylor, though in a wheelchair, was still a great beauty. Her presence seemed supernatural too, but unlike Brando she was very approachable. “You have to come down to my home again,” she ordered, “and unbend all the cutlery from your last visit!” I spent much of the evening talking Hebrew with her bodyguards – all ex-Mossad Israeli secret service men, the toughest in the world. 

I once stood right next to Geller when he came to my town.  He was at a small gathering where he took peoples watches and clocks promising to make them run.  As for myself, I had to run to work, so I have no idea how it turned out for the crowd of about 50 broken watch hopefuls.  

According to the article Uri Geller: Real, Fake or Military Weapon? Geller's "handlers" state that Uri's fantastic abilities are really manifestations of the inhabitants of the planet Hoova, a space body 16,000 times larger than the earth.  The Hoovans are monitoring earth by means of a stationary spacecraft the size of a city, but invisible to us.  They have chosen Uri for the mission of preparing earthlings for a mass landing of Hoovan UFOs scheduled for December, 2012.  The article further states that He is also very well known inside the Pentagon.

Yes, and I'm sure that he and John Travolta have a lot to talk about if and when they ever get together.  Do they get into drunken fights at Hollywood parties about whether or not it's the Hoovans or the Thetans who will ultimately take over?  Did Geller post the Eiffel Tower warning on his site so he could say he made an early prediction?  Is he attaching the number 11 to the Eiffel Tower to give the possible future event some mystical, kabbalistic cachet?  Only his katsa knows for sure.

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